Samsung Galaxy S10 showcase live, where to see it

Samsung Galaxy S10 showcase live, where to see it

Where can you see the Samsung Galaxy S10 display?

The date of the new exhibition is to grow closer and closer Samsung Galaxy S10. The event will take place in San Francisco and London Wednesday 20 February and, as seen, the expectation to grow every day increasingly and more. Many of them wait for the & # 39; court was to finally end the highest range of South Korea, known as truths and truths; circulated for a while now. But as with any device that we expect, we often go to; Get to the official show that we know all (or virtually) in the technical and lively designations of the digital phone. And about the Samsung Galaxy S10, what do we know?

Samsung Galaxy S10: latest features and design

We talked about facts and facts that ran each other over the last few days on the Samsung top of the Samsung field. But who trusted? For those who leave the most reliable network, such as Ice World. What Twitter did not hesitate to publish one of the backdrops that appear on the Galaxy S10 exhibition.

One of the many, not the same, but indeed in rich colors, with the aim that all things that can be done (and showcase) can be stressed Super AMOLED. Although Android Teeech is always talking about it Cinema Exhibition, with different technology but always based on AMOLED. What it is, but it is sure that this device's performance is among its key strengths.

Another important part: the photo department. With its potential Flexible image icon on camera face. This is a video that was posted by Samsung Vietnam and available on YouTube, which you can see below.

Verily there are various pieces of video that try to taste the Galaxy S10. In another short film, in fact, it aims to battery, with probable probability work wireless restraint behind of other smartphones, something new already seen in Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The last short video triggers scanningfingerprints, who should be able to complete the display to authorize the distribution.

Samsung Galaxy S10: live stream show, here

The Samsung Unpacked event that shows the Galaxy S10 in all the dreams will be held in San Francisco and London on 20 February, 2019, almost a week before the MWC 2019 starts in Barcelona. It is Thursday, 21 February of the day the orders begin beforehand, although the true box on the market should be held at the beginning of the page; March, and more detailed on Friday 8 March.

Is it possible to follow the showcase in live stream? The answer is strong. In fact, the event can be seen in a live version both on the Samsung website and on the YouTube channel, from 20 times Italian.



Last revision: Monday, 18 February 2019

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