Sanremo 2019, afternoon of the duets. Guest Review – Sanremo 2019

In Sanremo there is an evening couples: The 24 artists interpret the song in a competition with friends and guests.

The star is entertaining Ligabue: the artist – who returns to Ariston where he moved in 2014, at his first fèis – a & # 39; praises, among other things, host Francesco Guccini in duet by Claudio Baglioni. Sanremo's presence is to launch the 2019 as a # 39; Ligabue's return year: the new Start program, the 12th integrated record, is published on the # 39; March 8, which is expected by & # 39; The first Luci d 'America alone for the next three weeks of the summer song from the radio, and on June 14 starting from Bari, the start-up of the rockstar in the stadiums throughout the Italy.

Here are the duets:

NEK – "I'll be ready" – Aoigh Neri Marcorè

NINO D 'ANGELO AND LIVIO CORI – "Other Light" – Hear the Sottotone

LIVE – "Your information" – Listen Fabrizio Moro

THE ZEN CIRCUS – "It's a lovely messenger" – Hospitality Brunori Sas

CARD AND FEDERIC FIELD – "Not doing it for purpose" – Guest Cristina Daughter

ARISA – "I have a good feeling" – Aoighean Tony Hadley and Kataklò

SIMONE CRISTICCHI – "Look at me" – Ermal Meta Inner

ACHILLE LAURO – "Rolls Royce" – Guest Morgan

FRANCESCO RENGA – "I wait for you to come back" – Aoighean Bungaro and Eleonora Abbagnato

NEGRITA – "The boys are good" – He loves Enrico Ruggeri and Roy Paci

Einar – "New words" – Blonde Guest

PATTY PRAVO is BRIGA – "Something like life" – Aoigh Giovanni Caccamo

BOOMDABASH – "For a million" – Aoighean Rocco Hunt and Cantori de Milan

ANNA TATANGELO – "On our souls at night" – Shiria Guest

Mahmood – "Money" – Listen Guè Pequeno

PAOLA TURCI – "The last obstacle" – Guest Beppe Fiorello

DANIELE SILVESTRI le RANCORE – "Live money" – Listen to Manuel Agnelli

EX-Otago – "Just a song" – Jack Savoretti Guest

MOTTA – "Where is Italy" – Nothing guest

LOREDANA BERTE & # 39; – "What do you expect from me" – Listen Irene Grandi

ENRICO NIGIOTTI – "Hollywood Grandfather" – Aoighean Paolo Jannacci and Massimo Ottoni

Irama – "The girl with the heart of the tin" – Noemi guest

Ghemon – "Rose Purple" – Aoighean Diodato and Caliber 35

THE EILEAN – "Music still" – A host of fiddler Alessandro Quarta

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