Sanremo 2019, is the maker who has won Mahmood. According to Ultimo, third parties Il Volo. All Polemics Ariston, Salvini: "Well, We Love Ultimo" – PHOTOS AND VIDEO

THE GUIDANCE – It's astonishing at her; Impact: Mahmood is the winner money, which in the meantime is also the largest broadcast on radio. According to Ultimo, third parties Il Volo. It is also uncertain and a bit too, but the piece works. Now it is still to be seen if it accepts being represented in Tel Aviv for Eurovision 2019. At the same time, it will play again Sanremo 2019 will end like this. We did not have to wait for the top-level response Matteo Salvini who mentioned podium on Twitter:

First prize. Daniele Silvestri le Argento Vivo is winning the soldiers' prize Mia Martini, won Lucio Dalla and Sergio Bardotti's prize for the best text. Tris him. Simone Cristicchi receives the Sergio Endrigo award for best performance and the Giancarlo Bigazzi award for best music. Lastly taking home the Tim Music award for the stream it can be heard. Even Loredana Bertè does not even know.

CLASSIFICATION – There are Livio Cori and Nino D ', last Angelo, 23rd Einar, Anna Tatangelo 22nd, Patty Pravo and Brig 21, Negrita 20th and 19th, Federica Carta and Shade at 18, The Zen Circus at the 17th, Paola Turci at the 16th. Whistles from the listeners. Francesco Renga at the 15th, Motta at her & # 39; 14th, Ex-Otago at the 13th game, at the 12th, Goomdabash at the 11th. Still a whistle. Bill: "But did you all want the first places?" Nigiotti was tenth, Achille Lauro at the nineteenth century, Arisa to the eighth, Irama to the seventh, Silvestri to the sixth, Cristicchi to his fifth, Bertè at her fourth. Still a lot of whistles. Directors in difficulty. Vision calls: "Bastaaa!". The podium is made by Mahmood, Ultimo, Il Will. And the people attacked "Loredana, Loredana, Loredana". Bission will give freedom: "Ariston Theater is an evening on Loredana"Baglioni angrily:"Really respected, the singers 24 and Everyone has the right to be heard. Vote these three gears like this ".

A to turn the situation, is still particularly busy in the room due to poor public enjoyment, the Forest Wizard comes. And it's thriving in a campaign to go to; Protecting your climate, even though one thing is amazing if the right time for such a sketch is. The public is for the finalists, not the three-game game. "Guys I have to leave the room at 11am tomorrow," he says, to be alone at night. Bisio may not have agreed with the line. "If you get back next year, make sure you get a bit early," he tells Wood. Then, without a real reason, Baglioni also sings I'm going to do it; join Anna Foglietta and Melissa Greta Marchetto an After Festival.

THE RACE – Of a white dress, very handsome, Claudio Baglioni will come together to the scene together And now the publicity. Before you start this final, the deadline is scheduled for 1.28 (here in the evening line), the skilled dancer will be a few minutes in her & her; Competition to make a personal budget. "I have a lot of years of job and a bit of dust on my shoulder, this time there was a special decline and I have to thank all for this. No one is perfect. You do not know if there was too much exhibition or competition in this Festival, no one knows what we can do better, but I promise you we have done everything. Someone has won: the music and hopes of many young people. "Bisio and Raffaele are also handsome, with the last ones to remember Jessica Rabbit.

The first one is Danielone Silvestri: he will not win, but at least the race prize if he gets it all Silver Alive. A very good song. Claudio Bisio comes to the support of the platform technicians with one fly on sketch. "The Sanremo will finish tonight": great thanks. So he says a list of thanks: "Thanks to the personal trainer for working on my corporate form but the next time is not to hear from us, thank my hairdresser, art that continues from New York ". Anna Tatangelo in the drafting of a genuine bomb at the end of his accomplishment, but it's an end to the show without hitch. Warm welcome.

They continue Ghemon and the Negrita, they will not be remembered as among the best of this festival. The last, handsome with blue tuxedo, tonight looks more important than ever. With this performance, with great impact and tax, and # 39; putting mortgages into final impact. And its public is a welcome him, almost enough. It's not good too tonight, but this is not the best festival.

The trio, which turns into a lagoon for a few minutes, offers a choir's time that shows the sport; at the 30s and 50s. There are several pages in Macario with him the birds, the screens and … even the water on the platform, That's falling across Bisio. Baglioni enjoys me: "It's great for him, He was worried in this Festival … From the center, it is from the north side. He'll talk 20 times faster than we did, he'll say the same things 50 times. And then One was enough for Claudio"Baglioni also mocked, but it seems that Bisio can not stand up. Then surprisingly out of the archer: out of the theater, on the pavement, Yes The Social State by Renato Pozzetto. Together they sing Life is lively. Genuinely it's a nutella nut to th; , which is sung by the Lo Stato Sociale as a new commercial commercial soundtrack.

This is the next show Loredana Bertè. He's up to Bisi for his show, but He has difficulties: he makes a strange face and can not keep his eyes open. "My eyes are burning", he says: & maybe cIt was something strange in that water that they threw it on in the previous picture? Although Claudio is trying to solve his problems, Bertè is a " gives us another great showcase. What is welcomed by a very warm horror. "I love you," she says.

Francesco Renga in the day he hit the controversy that he created with his own words on women (who believe he is not so pleasing to men). In order to respond, it will include a girl from the audience at the end of the show: but it is the idea; there Ex-Otago, that is the beginning of kermesse. At least he could think of something more original. Oh well, it's up Mahmood. but the microphone does not work. The remainder must be done and BIOS will come into the platform to try to guide disasters. "We're in Eurovision … what do you not hear? The venue?". But what's the microwave!

a & # 39; Ex-Otago they'll come after Renga and they'll go to it. mock the only girl from the audience. Historically Raffaele: "They bring people from the public, they do things, they'll stay together … nothing is further understood". Il Will With their voices they make women feel stallions straight away. Then, Virginia Raffaele's Virginia Virginia Raffaele is a really beautiful team. He migrates to Italian musicians such as Fiorella Mannoia, Patty Pravo, Ornella Vanoni and two posters such as Giusy Ferreri and Malika Ayane. Did you have to wait for the final for such an exhibition? He took so long? Fabulous.

after them Paola Turci and i The Zen Circus, it's up to now Distribution. All access to Patty is now a small showcase on display. This time he goes to a brake Serena Dandini, which is given by Raffaele. "I thought about the other day," the singer tells her. "You do not have love that you can not invade their spell, phone "Virginia welcomes her, even to her. noticing his brother. The performance is good, her friend is very impressive.

In the first row there is Mara Venier, but that's sick and unhealthy. When guests welcome her, she gets up and hers; entertaining the audience. Bill says to her: "I know you're unwell, despite this tomorrow Sunday you will be your singers. "We can not wait. Arisa is a big start, and the voice goes to her; going away. It completes the poor performance, with its & # 39; I wish to cry in my eyes: I'd like to accept it. That is that fact Rosalba got the flu (as reported today by RTL) e there is 39 of fever.

There is no time to waste and the race is a & # 39; continue without use. One after each other, with too many thoughts or months of showing. Choose a Irama with a music box at the beginning of its performance, then ad Achille Lauro (with the Boss Doms who gives a donation to the son by his pacifier), a disappointment Livio Cori and Nino D 'Angelo, the latest ones Shade and Federica Carta. Even a good interpretation for Garfunkel. NigiottiInstead, she enjoys pleasure and is not even & # 39; and ending the show to keep the tears. Then it's to launch its & # 39; controversy, which he today pronounced in the Rai1 programs: "At midnight I always woke up"He says. He had complained about he's always playing after midnight: and he's right.

It is Boomdabash, Einar and Motta in her; completion quarter. They will close the race.

STORIES – We return to Italian music by Eros Ramazzotti, who sings the new single Vita; there and very cool today. A bit small and very successful. Shortly after he reached the stage Luis Fonsi, "sin" de Despacito and its population – usually preserved – of Ariston unresolved (thanks to a particularly wild dance group). Everyone who stands up to dance. Dona dhona only for her difficulties with the ear exams Found by Ramazzotti, who at the same time loses the words and his; stopping.

Baglioni, Bisio and Raffaele praised the eleventh on the Addams Family sketch. But he did not smile at the first one, he did not smile at the second one, he does not; laughter yesterday. The three shouting about the media harassment against: "Freddina" for Raffaele, "spracato" for Bisio, "plastered" for Baglioni. "On balance we are satisfied with these good results of this Festival". The level is being raised Elisa, The second guest in the evening: first by Rubbish, the new one.

Photograph: © AndreaRaffin / KikaPress

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