second visit. There are five in authority, Francesco Molinari is also there! Sport – Sport

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Good afternoon, the LIVE LIVE is welcome for the second round of Augusta Masters, the first major part of the 2019 golf season. The trail is the Augusta National Golf Club.

The first day made a lot of uncertainty and a limited amount of information. Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau showed an enormous feeling with the second nine holes on which they built their command at -6, but in this case Phil Mickelson, who still travels with high gears and 48 is stationed at – t 5. The person with whom he has become a major competitor, Tiger Woods, will resume from -2, in the eleventh place, just like Francesco Molinari, who is looking for his best result in Lord he arrived at most of the 19th century seven years ago. In the face of Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia, he finds out whether they can avoid starring Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth and Paul Casey: for the English number of the world and their Americans. +3 of what we want to get money back, and there is another heritage in much of Albion's land.

The first of the 29 organizations we see today will begin in the Masters race from the 1 at 2.30pm depot. We'll give you a meeting then with the second day. Get sport at OA Sport! (Image: Pier Colombo) t

Gaelic Times – The Way – The Options – The Promises – The first lap


1:10 The Gary Woodland race ends with a bird: -3 his overall score.

1:08 There is nothing to do even for the American warrior living at -6.

1:07 The Putt for the bird at Rahm is failing at 17 and see Tiger Woods doing it.

1:04 Birdie at the 16th photograph of Rory McIlroy with a par.

1:03 Even the second sight of Tiger Woods at 17 is very high, the Americans can find other jobs.

1:01 And the closure of Louis Oosthuizen who is in charge of the race.

0:59 Artwork by Louis Oosthuizen coming out of the bunker.

0:57 Great series of Tiger Woods at 17.

0:55 Par with Jon Rahm at 16 and Xander Schauffele at 17.

0:53 At 18 Louis Oosthuizen in a bunker and the ball is not good enough, South Africa is not easy.

0:50 Paris from Tiger Woods at 16.

0:46 Tiger Woods is competing in a top rated race

0:44 Par of Louis Oosthuizen at 17.

0:41 Another remarkable innovation by Tiger Woods, which takes in the living bird of the 15th.

0:38 Closing with Adam Scott's only survivor, Louis Oosthuizen.

0:34 Summarize the level (in brackets used by second parties):

1. Francesco Molinari ITA -7 (67)
1. Jason Day AUS -7 (67)
1. Brooks Koepka USA -7 (71) t
1. Adam Scott AUS -7
1. Louis Oosthuizen RSA -7
6. Justin Harding RSA -6 (69)
6. Dustin Johnson USA -6 (70)
8. Ian Poulter ENG -5 (71)
8. Jon Rahm ESP -5
8. Tiger Woods USA -5

0:31 Par of Louis Oosthuizen to 16th.

0:29 SGENE STROKE! Bogey at Garcia at 18, the Spanish doesn't pass the cut!

0:26 Adam Scott at 17, Australia lives at -7.

0:24 Again this is a rare first sight from Tiger Woods, this time in 15.

0:22 Sergio Garcia in the woods at 18 is probably falling one of your favorite!

00:19 the amazing bird Tiger Woods at 14, after an alarming number! -5 and the eighth place for him.

0:16 The bird of Louis Oosthuizen on the 15th, even South Africa is reached.

0:14 TIGER WOODS PAUROSOOO !! The second blow of the woods, he set a churn to a bird event.

0.11 Par for Garcia at 17, Spaniard is still on the wire! Currently it is not amongst the top 50, but consists of 10 strokes from the head it would still have been higher than the cut.

0:09 Bogey by Adam Scott on the 16th, Australia is standing but it is no longer alone.

0:08 Jon Rahm doesn't even start well at 14.

0:07 Illness for Tiger Woods in the 14th, a member in the bushes.

0:05 Rahm equalized the score on hole 13.

0:04 This is Adam Scott's attack into the lead

0:02 Para for Tiger Woods arrives 13.

0:00 Water is getting harder, on the other hand, the wind has fallen.

23:58 Hole 13 is causing problems for both Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm.

23:55 The water starts again! We continue to play.

23:53 Eagle by Adam Scott! The people of Australia are walking alone.

11:50 PM In order to increase wind speed, it is not an ideal setting.

23:47 Adam Scott starts big on the 15th, he's going to take the helm.

23:45 Rory McIlroy is yet to draw attention, everyone has confidence in 11.

23:42 Nooo! We are losing the putt at 12 Tiger Woods, and the America is left in the tenth at -4.

23:36 After almost half an hour had elapsed, it is again to arrive

23:22 Now the flow is raining but there is a danger from storms, so the game remains ready.

23:17 Let's take the opportunity to summarize the general classification again (between brackets used by those who completed the second lap):

1. Francesco Molinari ITA -7 (67)
1. Jason Day AUS -7 (67)
1. Brooks Koepka USA -7 (71) t
4. Justin Harding RSA -6 (69)
4. Dustin Johnson USA -6 (70)
4. Adam Scott AUS -6
4. Louis Oosthuizen RSA -6
8. Ian Poulter ENG -5 (71)
8. Jon Rahm ESP -5

23:13 We see if the game will go back again, or the second round will be completed tomorrow.

23:10 At the same time, let us enjoy the wintering bird of Tiger Woods

23:08 WARNING! Here the water, the hanging game and the regret came for Tiger Woods, to stop at the best moment.

23:06 COFFEE TIGER ABOVE! There is a fantastic alternative in the wild for 12 birds.

22:04 Tiger Woods Birdies at 11! America brings in its top 10 the total -4.

12:24 Justin Harding's day is coming to an end with a bogey at the last hole that made him leave the conference.

23:00 SPECIAL REGISTRATION (in the middle of a stroke that ones finished with a second time) use: t

1. Francesco Molinari ITA -7 (67)
1. Jason Day AUS -7 (67)
1. Brooks Koepka USA -7 (71) t
1. Justin Harding RSA -7
5. Dustin Johnson USA -6 (70)
5. Adam Scott AUS -6
7. Jon Rahm ESP -5
7. Ian Poulter ENG -5 (71)
7. Louis Oosthuizen RSA -5

22:57 Another beautiful picture by Tiger Woods, who will be a fisherman at 11.

22:56 Eagle on the 13th for the Viking Viktor Hovland.

22:54 Rory McIlroy starts well on 10, but then he saves himself by getting a pitch.

22:52 Eagle by Lucas Bjerregaard at 15! The Danish player goes into the top 10 with this blow.

09:50 The remarkable picture of Tiger Woods in 11.

22:47 Birdie with Louis Oosthuizen of 12 and Adam Scott at 13: removing the records to these significant appointments.

22:44 Also for Jon Rahm, also for him at 10.

22:42 The putt is failing for the 10th bird of Tiger Woods, the Americans living at -3.

22:39 Birdie by Justin Harding at the age of 17! South Africa arrives first, along with Molinari, Koepka and Day.

22:37 Par of Louis Oosthuizen to 11, also South Africa in the group in ninth place with 4 beats below the park.


22:32 Part of Gary Woodland at 10, having talked to the bird. America has the remains of -4.

22.30 great bird Tiger Woods at 9, with which he will return to the 15th in -3 place.

22.29 As will be seen from the temporary phase, Charles Howell III also makes contact with the club of the best of this second lap: he is at -5 of the day after 12 holes. He just made an eagle on par 5 of 13.

22.27 CHANGE OF EXPOSURE (in the brackets of the stroke that those who finished second visit) use:
1. Francesco Molinari ITA -7 (67)
1. Jason Day AUS -7 (67)
1. Brooks Koepka USA -7 (71) t
4. Dustin Johnson USA -6 (70)
4. Justin Harding RSA -6
6. Ian Poulter ENG -5 (71)
6. Jon Rahm ESP -5
6. Adam Scott AUS -5
9. Phil Mickelson USA -4 (73)
9. Patton Kizzire USA -4 (70)
9. Matt Kuchar USA -4 (69)
9. Gary Woodland USA -4
9. Louis Oosthuizen RSA -4
9. Charles Howell III of the SA -4

22.23 Birdie on para 3 of the 12th Adam Scott: the Australians, who won at Augusta in 2013, moved to -5, in the sixth place by Poulter and Rahm.

22.22 Also at 8 seabirds for Roderick McIlroy, which reaches -1

22.21 A long time ago, the 8-strong bird of Rickie Fowler, dating back to -3, is well worth the core sites.

22.17 Only from the 12 th hole for a bird for Justin Harding, four in the South Africa series, this new year at the Masters, which will be accompanied by Dustin Johnson in fourth place.

22.16 And Tiger himself makes a bogey at 8, falling to -2 on the perfect.

10.15 pm The answer to Jon Rahm's hole is very complex, and he resides at -5. Remember, Spanish is running alongside Tiger Woods.

22.13 The best results today are: Francesco Molinari, Jason Day and Matthew Fitzpatrick, all at -5 on this day.

E.10்் ்ிக்க் பka்க். 22.10 Koepka at 18! And now there are three in the beginning: Francesco Molinari, Brooks Koepka and Jason Day

22.09 thirteenth place at the time for Tiger Woods, which is -1-day and -3 in total.

22.07 Koepka near the flag with a second view on the 18th. He reached Molinari and Day at the top of the board.

22.04 Phil Mickelson's -4 lap is coming to an end, with a score of +1, but it's okay.

22.03 Justin Rose is the only mistake, but it costs far more: it was one of their favorite, and above it is the largest number in the world, but English ends second lap at +4 and it is almost certainly cut. And this is just a matter of dramatic news.

22.02 Bogey with Justin Thomas missing for the match 18 and leaving the top ten.

22.00 Go to -4 Gary Woodland, plant the birds at 8 is in the eighth group.

21.57 tries to get rid of Roderick McIlroy

21.55 PROVISIONAL CHANGE (in modern brackets current law where it is completed):
1. Francesco Molinari ITA -7 (67)
1. Jason Day AUS -7 (67)
3. Dustin Johnson USA -6 (70)
3. Brooks Koepka USA -6
5. Ian Poulter ENG -5 (71)
5. Jon Rahm ESP -5
5. Justin Harding RSA -5
8. Phil Mickelson USA -4
8. Patton Kizzire USA -4 (70)
8. Matt Kuchar USA -4 (69)
8. Adam Scott AUS -4
8. Justin Thomas USA -4
8. Corey CANER-CAN
8. Louis Oosthuizen RSA -4

21.50 At risk-bird day at 18, it is short, so it is for him, who is a director of Francesco Molinari at -6. Also for Dustin Johnson (similar methods), for this time is third with Brooks Koepka at -6.

9.45 pm Bogey is at Mickelson at 17, going down to the current body of its seventh, and in his 100th birthday by the Masters.

21.42 Sergio Garcia is on a bad day: after 10 holes it is at +3 today, with +4 as a whole and would be cut now.

21.39 Dustin Johnson ends in the bunker on the left with the lattice at 18, almost. Combine it if it can be even worse than Phil Mickelson, who will completely miss second sight at 17.

21.37 Beautiful Rickie Fowler on park 3 of 6, it moves two meters from the flag with the tee view. At the same time Koepka closes at par 16, and is still at -6.

9.35pm Dustin Johnson closes at par 17 and lives at -6. Do the same day, which is still connected to Molinari ahead.

21.34 Bubba Watson closes the race, which is similar to yesterday.

21.32 Familiarity at the moment three amateur people would be able to cut them, namely the Alvaro Ortiz of Mexico, the Viking Viktor Hovland and America Devon Bling.

21.30 Tiger Woods Number! Birdie has a long button at hole 6, going back to -3 after a boyy to 5.

21.28 At the same time after four holes Rory McIlroy at +1 of the day and +2 in total, is dangerous near the current pick-up point +4.

21.27 Jason Day draws out of the area at 17 (he arrived after a powerful force, but is not very accurate), and is getting the opportunity to find two openings for the park and then stay with Molinari in authority

21.25 The 15-year-old Birdie at 15 Koepka regains the same size today and is at -6, so there is a picture from the first place of Molinari.

21.23 The Mike Weir from Canada is at +5, but at 12 it is in one beat (the second) of getting out of trouble, hitting a hole in two, the double eagle.

21.21 6, South Africa, Birdie Oosthuizen goes to -5 and reaches the group of cards

21.19 We will look at the position at the top of the CLASSAIL:
1. Francesco Molinari ITA -7 (67)
1. Jason Day AUS -7
3. Dustin Johnson in the SA-6
4. Ian Poulter ENG -5 (71)
4. Brooks Koepka USA -5
4. Phil Mickelson USA -5
4. Jon Rahm ESP -5
8. Patton Kizzire USA -4 (70)
8. Matt Kuchar USA -4 (69)
8. Adam Scott AUS -4
8. Justin Thomas USA -4
8. Louis Oosthuizen RSA -4

21.15 Birdie at 16 of Jason Day, which reaches Molinari ahead. In fact, to recommend the Australian trial, you have to live with physical problems

21.14 AND PARTNERSHIP! Francesco Molinari completes this tour in 67 strokes and is currently at -7, and there is no beauty for him, which is a great honor.

21.14 MOLINARS! An excellent situation from a very difficult situation is for Francesco to get to the 18th, one meter from the hole and the parliament should not escape

21.13 Currently, among the players who were not allowed through the cutting, Paul Casey, Shane Lowry and 2016 competition winner Danny Willett

21.10 Jason Day, the second at -6, is looking for his first shot at 16, and there are a few meters from the flag and from the birds he has sailed around Molinari.

21.09 Molinari is crossing the bunker and greenspace with second sight on 18, he needs to find a good approach to going to the flag and decide in par

21.07 Draft for Justin Rose: English, global speed 1, after today's lap +3 after 14 holes. A cut should be avoided.

21.05 Jason Day and Dustin Johnson were second to the 15th, -6 for both. John Poulter, who now turned 1, and is now in the t

18.0 Picture of Francesco Molinari, whose terminus is seen near the stone on the left, but still stands in the curved path and with the green green in front (although it is obvious). long)

20.59 The following is a statement from a previous meeting with Francesco Molinari (-5) at the highest level with Englishman Matthew Fitzpatrick closing with +1 after The complex day yesterday.

20.57 THAT THERE! The Blurs are a bluebird bird that still gets a command with the score -7 and is on course to make it into the final hole in the second lap: the 4 th of the 18 Where the bird came! today.

20.54 Francesco Molinari is particularly golfing on the Augusta National Golf Club on this second day, believing that he was the fourth best place to appear in the Masters … t

20.52 WORKSHOP STRATOSPHERIC! A ball of two meters from the auction! Another chance for birdwatching on par 4 of 17!

20.50 Below is the second time of Augusta 2019 REVIEW.
1. Francesco Molinari ITA -7
2. Ian Poulter ENG -5
2. Brooks Koepka USA -5
2. Dustin Johnson USA -5
2. Jason Day AUS -5
2. Phil Mickelson USA -5
2. Jon Rahm ESP -5
8. Patton Kizzire USA -4 (70)
8. Matt Kuchar USA -4
10. Bryson DeChambeau United States -3
10. Adam Scott AUS -3
10. Kiradech Aphibarnrat THA -3 (72)
10. Gary Woodland USA -3
10. Louis Oosthuizen RSA -3

20.48 JON RAHM CHANGED! THE COMPLIANCE ease! Spaniard rises to the second position and the -2-hole three are played!

20.46 The drawn picture of the blue of the 17th hole is also very good, Molinari leaves nearly 140 meters by the flag in the left-hand corner of the lock, notice the two bunkers at the door.

8.45 The great strength of Molinari will be closed by the 16th hole with a par and continues with the lap to be fine.

20.42 This is the homage to a PGA Tour to Francesco Molinari that is quite high!

20.40 AIRRIVES MICKELSON ALSO! America finds the fisherman at 13 and rises to second place at -5!

20.39 At the same time, the beginnings of Spanish Spaniard Jon Rahm as they move into the bird at 2nd hole straight away and rise to -4 for the competition.

20.37 Molinari is ready to face par 3 of 16, to the right on the right hand side and to put the water barrier in front of the green that should not be played. Maybe the main risk is the bunker behind the hole

20.36 Even Jason Day rises to -5! Birdie on par 5 of hole 13 for an Australian that moves to second position

20.34 LESS SETTEEEEEE! Francesco Molinari will not make mistakes and will make two awards after her pursuers with the fifth bird a day!

20.32 MOLINARI PROJECT! WELCOME IN THE EARLY HOUSE! It is still a pound smaller than a meter for the bird's 15th hole!

20.30 COMMENT FOR JOHNSON DUSTIN! The American comes to an end in the water with a second sight at hole 5 of 13 but he actually collapses and signs the spectacular birds of prey to -5 in the second!

20.27 The second vision of Molinari ends at par 5 of hole 15. The blue will have a complex alternative approach which is around fifteen meters from a hole, again the mountain to represent the land. …

20.25 Thorbjorn Olesen closes his lap in 71 drawings, having made the barrel of hole 17 the Danish player had gone to -2 t

20.24 At the same time Poulter and Koepka struggle with the view of hole 16 and hole 12, both par 3.

20.22 Molinari is opposite. Type of bell tee is 225 meters from the pole, but the green is protected by a water barrier and it will be necessary to understand whether your chosen game strategy is.

20.20 Kuchar's bird at the 15th hole! Bicycles with roller for the USA: eagle, five birds and four bogeyes

20.20 Continuing with the normal change during the second round of Masters Augusta 2019.
1. Francesco Molinari ITA -6
2. Ian Poulter ENG -5
2. Brooks Koepka USA -5
4. Jason Day AUS -4
4. Patton Kizzire USA -4 (70)
4. Dustin Johnson USA -4
4. Phil Mickelson USA -4
8. Bryson DeChambeau United States -3
8. Kiradech Aphibarnrat THA -3
8. Matt Kuchar USA -3
8. Justin Harding RSA -3
8. Adam Scott AUS -3
8. Jon Rahm ESP -3

20.18 Mission carried out by Francesco Molinari, first held by the score -6

20.17 THE MOST OF THE MUNICIPAL PRIORITY! The blue color pushes up with less than a meter to close in a par at hole 14

20.15 Bryson DeChambeau also loses another view, temporarily awakened by the double boat … Bogey at 12 and -3 in total

20.13 Jason Day Bogey at 12! Australian dropped second from the platform and gets fourth place with a score -4

20.11 A little bit beside the Molinari mode speaks green of the holes 14. The blue is about seven meters from the auction but it will be hit down from outside the green that is very complicated …

20.10 The game between the Tiger Woods (-2) and Jon Rahm (-3) began at the same time, with two very special commentators yesterday. The two found the bar at hole 1

20.08 Molinari is perfect from a par 4 par of hole 14, a ball straight in the middle of the railway track and a good position to attack the flag.

20.04 We will take a minute and a summary of what Francesco Molinari is doing today. The Italian hero is now alone, alone of the Augusta Masters 2019 with real problem -4 of the day, due to four seabirds and no footsteps!

20.02 UNIQUE FAIRY TRUE! The blue color is closing with a park, while Poulter runs into a wind! FIRST SERVICE FIRST!

20.00 There is still a fight for the Molinari stadium at hole 13, and for Poulter at the hole 14

19.58 Here are some of the most impressive birds in this second flight including the one that Francesco Molinari!

19.57 The third view of Molinari, eight meters in a hole of 13, is still a short hare

19.56 Poulter finds an hidden way of hole 14 and tries to feed a bird of about 11 meters.

19:54 Molinari is coming to an end with the tee burning at par 5 of hole 13 but getting back with a good shot and leaving a 48-meter approach

19.53 CHANGING TARGETS during the second round of Masters Augusta 2019.
1. Ian Poulter ENG -6
1. Francesco Molinari ITA -6
3. Jason Day AUS -5
3. Brooks Koepka USA -5
5. Phil Mickelson USA -4
5. Patton Kizzire USA -4 (70)
5. Matt Kuchar USA -4
5. Dustin Johnson USA -4
5. Bryson DeChambeau United States -4
10. Kiradech Aphibarnrat THA -3
10. Keith Mitchell USA -3
10. Justin Harding RSA -3
10. Adam Scott AUS -3
10. John Rahm ESP -3

19.52 MATT KUCHAR! EAGLE AIG 13! Americans move to -4 in a fifth position

19.50 At the same time bogey has come to Mickelson to leave the second position and return to -4.

7.46f This is the thing that gives in English for the first place in the Molinari company, a number that really affected the final last minute!

19.44 RESEARCH ITS POULTRY! English-language at the 13th hole, showing a pair with Italy!

7.43pm Molinari finds out that the 12-hole bird is set to subtract the owner and remove the singer with its score -6!

19.42 BIRDIE DI MOLINARI !!! Crazy!

7.40f DECHAMBEAU DISASTER! Two prizes for the USA at 10 hole!

19.38 Excellence of the kind Molinari! The blue color measures seven to eight meters from the auction and has a good chance of bird life!

19.37 DECHAMBEAU IN LAST IN 10! Another bow could come to the Americas showing the fourth view from outside the green.

19.36 Molinari with two buttons put down by hole 11 and is to face the unobtrusive field of 12

19.35 The remnants of the bird far from are given by Mickelson on hole 9

This is followed by a second edition of Masters Augusta 2019.
1. Bryson DeChambeau United States -6
2. Francesco Molinari ITA -5
2. Jason Day AUS -5
2. Brooks Koepka USA -5
2. Phil Mickelson USA -5
2. Ian Poulter ENG -5
7. Patton Kizzire USA -4 (70)
7. Kiradech Aphibarnrat THA -4
9. Thorbjorn Olesen DEN -3
9. Dustin Johnson in the SA -3
9. Justin Harding RSA -3
9. Adam Scott AUS -3

19.32 IRISH POULTER ONLY! An English bird will find a bird at 12!

19.31 MICKELSON! LIVE ON! The Americans are getting into the date of the day and reach the organization at second place at -5

19.30 The complete choice for Molinari who is not in danger of attacking a dark flag at hole 11 and stopping his ball in the green center, just over a dozen meters from a hole.

19.28 Aphibarnrat Event! Two birds follow each other for the Thai which rises to -4 after completing three holes!

19.26 The tee has no problem for DeChambeau and the Day is fine in the right way at 10 hole.

19.23 KOEPKA! Birdie at hole 8 for America arrives at Day and Molinari at -5 in the second place!

19.22 The day is closing with a par, and DeChambeau finds the excitement of a hole 10. Molinari returns to the American single blow.

7.20pm Molinari's crunchy burn is perfect for par 4 of hole 11, and the blue leaves around 185 meters. However, note that the flag would not be protected by two water bottles, even a conservation strategy, removed

19.18 Jason Day leaves the other hand leaving them somewhat similar to find out at the same time as in 9 hole.

19.16 Unsuitable in the other way the very short American DeChambeau is experiencing a serious problem at hole 9!

7.15pm DeChambeau comes to an end all the way to green 9 and has to be very careful with the third view, the danger of passing down and seeing the ball away from the hole.

19.14 Thorbjorn Olesen rises to -3 on the 15th hole of a second bird at the second nine holes in the day.

19.12 METHODOLOGY OF WORKING WORKS! Birds are grazed on par 4 of toll 10, the button for par should be 20cm

19.11 Bryson DeChambeau is the only surviving Jason Day and Francesco Molinari in the temporary locations

19.10 BOGEY AIR FOR MICKELSON! Badly lost 8 for the American hero who ends in the woods on the left and then on the right, almost a fortune that he only lost one stroke (even in par 5 …)

19.09 At the same time Patton Kizzire is the lovely bird for the 18 hole! America is closing its lap in 70 with the overall score of -4 and is currently in fourth place. T

19.07 The short journey from Molinari to the 10th hole, the blue has to look at the rope from more than twenty meters so that they do not lose a view of the view.

19.06 Currently it is expected that the cut will be +3 and that up to seventy players can continue the competition over the weekend as a result of the ten-foot rule in the top spot.

19.05 Continued EXTERNAL SPECIFICATION at the second round of Augusta Masters 2019.
1. Bryson DeChambeau United States -7
2. Phil Mickelson USA -5
2. Francesco Molinari ITA -5
2. Jason Day AUS -5
5. Ian Poulter ENG -4
5. Brooks Koepka USA -4
7. Patton Kizzire USA -3
7. Dustin Johnson USA -3
7. Justin Harding RSA -3
7. Adam Scott AUS -3
7. Jon Rahm ESP -3

19.03 Tha Molinari a ’taghadh sealladh gu math briste aig toll 10 agus a’ fàgail dòigh-obrach don chas bho mu 175 meatair

19.02 BEACHD A DH&#39;FHALBH! Bidh an Astràilianach a bhios a ’cluich leis an stiùiriche cuideachd a’ faighinn nan eun aig toll 8 agus a ’gluasad gu -5 anns an dàrna àite

19.00 An t-àm aig DeChambeau a ’tadhal ann an deagh àm, le sgrìob de -7 aig a’ mhullach às deidh na ciad ochd tuill.

18.56 Tha na freagairtean Ameireaganach a ’toirt a-steach an dara sealladh gun choimeas aig par 5 de thuill 8 agus a’ toirt cothrom math dha fhèin a-steach airson eunlaith bho dhà mheatair no dhà.

6.55f Bidh Francesco Molinari a ’dìreadh gu dara suidheachadh às deidh deagh -3 den latha anns na naoi tuill as ùire! Soltanto un colpo di ritardo dal leader Bryson DeChambeau per il fuoriclasse italiano che si trova in compagnia di Phil Mickelson!


18.53 Brutto errore di Ian Poulter che da ottima posizione non trova il green alla buca 10 e dovrà giocare un approccio e putt per salvare il par

18.51 Molinari trova un ottimo secondo colpo alla buca 9, serve un putt da poco più di quattro metri per trovare un altro birdie

18.50 Dopo un quarto d’ora ricco di avvicendamenti un momento di relativa tranquillità per la leaderboard

18.47 Mickelson non trova il birdie alla buca 7 e chiude con il par conservando la seconda posizione a -5

18.46 Finisce nel primo taglio di rough il primo colpo di DeChambeau alla buca 8, lo statunitense sembra aver accusato il colpo…

18.44 Nella parte sinistra del fairway il tee shot di Molinari al par 4 della buca 9, la bandiera di oggi è collocata in fondo al green

18.42 L’inglese Ian Poulter, l’australiano Jason Day e lo statunitense Brooks Koepka si trova in compagnia dell’azzurro a -4

18.41 Si accorcia improvvisamente la classifica: DeChambeau sempre al comando ma con lo score di -6, Molinari ha solo due colpi di ritardo dalla testa!

18.40 Momento ricco di eventi importanti! DeChambeau non riesce a recuperare e trova il bogey alla buca 7!

18.39 MOLINARI! BIRDIE ALLA BUCA 8! L’azzurro chiude con approccio e putt dopo lo splendido secondo colpo e sale a -4! TERZA POSIZIONE!

18.37 BOGEY DI KOEPKA! Lo statunitense continua a non trovare continuità e chiude in quattro colpi il par 3 della buca 6 scivolando a -4


1. Bryson DeChambeau USA -7 (6)
2. Phil Mickelson USA -5 (6)
2. Brooks Koepka USA -5 (5)
4. Ian Poulter ENG -4 (8)
4. Jason Day AUS -4 (6)
6. Francesco Molinari ITA -3 (7)
6. Kiradech Aphibarnrat THA -3 (9)
6. Dustin Johnson USA -3 (6)
6. Justin Harding RSA -3 (2)
6. Matt Kuchar USA -3 (8)
6. Patton Kizzire USA -3 (15)
6. Adam Scott AUS -3
6. Jon Rahm ESP -3

18.32 Splendido approccio di Justin Thomas che finisce in buca alla 6 e porta lo statunitense a -2

18.30 Ottimo invece il secondo colpo di Molinari al par 5 della buca 8! L’azzurro è ad passo dal green e può cercare il birdie

18.29 DeChambeau in difficoltà dal tee alla buca 7! Il suo primo colpo finisce nel bosco di destra e lo statunitense deve giocare un layup

18.27 Chiudono con il par sia Mickelson alla buca 6, sia Koepka alla buca 5, entrambi appaiati con lo score di -5 in seconda posizione

18.26 La classifica al momento attraverso il profilo Twitter ufficiale del PGA Tour

18.24 Kuchar continua il proprio giro di alti e bassi, con quattro birdie e due bogey nelle prime otto buche per lo statunitense a -3

18.22 Mickelson rimane molto corto alla buca 6 e avrà un putt dalla lunghissima distanza per il birdie, Kopka dovrà giocare due putt per salvare il par alla buca 5 dopo un approccio non eccezionale

18.19 Buon tentativo ma nulla di fatto! DeChambeau conserva la prima posizione con lo score di -7 e due colpi di vantaggio su Mickelson e Koepka

18.17 Appena fuori green il tee shot di DeChambeau al par 3 della buca 6, lo statunitense potrebbe comunque tirare il putt

18.16 Molinari chiude con il par anche la buca 7, l’azzurro finisce alla destra del green ma rimedia con un ottimo approccio a meno di un metro dalla buca

18.14 Bogey per Phil Mickelson alla buca 5! Il tre volte vincitore del Masters rimane secondo ma con due colpi di distacco da DeChambeau

18.12 Nel frattempo birdie di Patton Kizzire alla 14, lo statunitense raggiunge il gruppo a -3 in sesta posizione

18.10 Continua la giornata discontinua di Brooks Koepka che incappa in un bogey alla buca 4 e scende di nuovo in terza posizione a -5

18.08 Ecco alcuni dei colpi migliori messi a segno in questa prima parte del secondo giro all’Augusta Masters 2019! Le immagini rivelano anche le condizioni non ottimali sul percorso con una leggera pioggia a complicare il compito dei giocatori

18.05 Di seguito la classifica provvisoria:
1. Bryson DeChambeau USA -7 (5)
2. Phil Mickelson USA -6 (4)
2. Brooks Koepka USA -6 (3)
4. Ian Poulter ENG -4 (6)
4. Jason Day AUS -4 (5)
6. Francesco Molinari ITA -3 (6)
6. Kiradech Aphibarnrat THA -3 (7)
6. Dustin Johnson USA -3 (5)
6. Corey Conners CAN -3 (3)
6. Justin Harding RSA -3 (1)
6. Adam Scott AUS -3
6. Jon Rahm ESP -3

18.03 BIRDIE DI JASON DAY! L’australiano chiude in tre colpi il par 4 della buca 5 e sale in quarta posizione con lo score di -4!

18.02 DeChambeau sfiora il birdie ma chiude con il par e non riesce a salire a -8 in testa alla classifica

18.02 Molinari al centro del fairway dopo il tee shot al par 4 della buca 7

18.01 Nelle posizioni di testa al momento Matt Kuchar è il migliore di giornata con lo score -2 dopo le prime sei buche

17.58 Buona opportunità di birdie per il leader della classifica Bryson DeChambeau che si trova in green dopo il secondo colpo alla buca 5

17.57 Bravo Molinari che salva il par con approccio e putt alla buca 6, l’azzurro rimane quinto a -3

17.54 CHE REAZIONE DI KOEPKA! Birdie alla buca 3 dopo il doppio bogey, lo statunitense torna in seconda posizione con lo score di -6

17.52 Molinari finisce lungo al par 3 della buca 6 e avrà un approccio complesso per salvare il par

17.49. Aphibarnrat torna a quota -3 con il birdie alla buca 7

17.48: Par di DeChambeau alla buca 4 (-7), Mickelson alla buca 3 (-6), Johnson alla buca 4 (-3), Day alla buca 4 (-3)

17.47: Show di Kuchar! Buca 6 in due colpi, birdie e lo statunitense si affaccia a quota -3

17.44: Prova a risalire Cabrera Bello con due birdie nelle prime 5 buche: -1 per lui

17.41: INCREDIBILE!!! Koepka si impantana nella buca 2 e impiega ben 7 colpi per trovare la bandiera! Doppio bogey e clamoroso passo indietro dello statunitense che scivola al terzo posto con -5

17.40: Par di Kizzire anche alla 12: -2, crolla Bernhard Langer che, con un doppio bogey, è a +1 dopo la buca 8

17.37: DeChambeau (3) e Koepka (1) comandano la classifica con -7, Mickelson (2) -6, Poulter (5) -4, Molinari (5), Johnson (3), Day (3), Harding (1. round), Scotto (1. round), Rahm (1. round) -3

17.37: Molinari tiene il par alla buca 5 e resta a -3 nella top ten della classifica attuale

17.36: Par di DeChambeau alla buca 3: lo statunitense resta in testa con -7, par alla 3 anche di Day che si mantiene a -3

17.35: Bogey di Kisner alla buca 6. Lo statunitense scende a -2

17.34: Par di Johnson alla buca 3. Resta a -3

17.33 Rose intanto è ripartito forte: -2 nelle prime due buche. Un buon modo per evitare il taglio dopo un primo round nettamente al di sotto delle aspettative

17.32: Secondo colpo alla buca 5 leggermente lungo per Molinari che per il birdie deve trovare un grandissimo colpo

17.31: Par per Kizzire alla buca 11. Ancora -2 per lo statunitense

17.29: Birdie di Mickelson alla buca 2. Si porta a -6 in scia alla coppia di testa e consolida il terzo posto

17.27: Par di Poulter alla buca 5. Resta a -4

17.22. Si tiene il par Molinari e resta a -3 dopo le prime 4 buche del secondo round

17.20: Bene Mlinari con i primi due colpi della buca 4, par 3. Ora bisogna completare l’opera con un putt non difficile

17.19. Koepka chiama e DeChambeau risponde! Arriva il birdie per lo statunitense che sale a -7 e raggiunge il rivale in vetta alla graduatoria. Che battaglia!

17.18: Niente da fare per Aphibarnrat che trova il bogey alla buca 5 e va a -2, par per Kisner che resta a -3

17.17: Avvio col botto di Brooks Koepka! Subito birdie alla 1, che condizione per lo statunitense che vola in testa da solo con -7

17.16: Bella partenza di Day che trova un difficile birdie alla buca 2 e si porta a -3

17.15: Il capolavoro di Matt Kuchar…

17.11: Birdie alla buca 4 per lo statunitense Kuchar che sale a -2

17.09: E ARRIVA IL BIRDIE PER CHICCO MOLINARI!!! Terza buca in tre colpi e -3 per l’azzurro!

17.08: Par di Poulter anche alla buca 4. -4 per lo statunitense

17.07: Par per Kizzire alla buca 10. -2 per lo statunitense

17.06: Partito anche Mickelson. Per lui, terzo dopo il primo giro, par alla buca 1: -5

17.05: Molinari a un metro dalla buca dopo due colpi della terza buca (par 4). Potrebbe arrivare il birdie

17.02: La situazione provvisoria: DeChambeau (buca 1) e Koepka (1. round) -6, Mickelson (1. round) -5, Poulter (buca 3) -4, Kisner (4), Aphibarnrat (4), Johnson (1), Hardin (1. round), Scott (1. round), Rahm (1. round) -3, Molinari (2) -2

17.01: Par di Poulter alla buca 3. Lo statunitense resta a -4

17.00: Par di Kisner e Aphibarnrat alla buca 4. Entrambi sono a -3

17.00. Par di DeChambeau alla buca 1. Il leader si conferma a -6

16.57: Bogey di Johnson alla buca 1! Lo statunitense scende a -3

15.53: Par con qualche rimpianto per Molinari alla buca 2. Si era avvicinato molto alla bandiera con il terzo colpo. L’azzurro resta a -2

16.50: Nelle retrovie Bradley piazza due birdie nelle prime quattro buche e risale a +2

16.48: Par di Kizzire alla buca 9: -2 per lo statunitense

16.47: Par di Kisner e Aphibarnrat alla buca 3. Entrambi sono a -3

16.45: Poulter si riprende immediatamente il colpo perso alla buca 1. Birdie alla 2 e di nuovo -4

16.38: Buon tee di Molinari alla buca 2

16.33: Par anche per il thailandese Aphibarnrat alla buca 2. Sempre -3 per l’asiatico

16.32: Kizzire procede con un altro par alla buca 8: è sempre a -2

16.30 Par di Kisner alla buca 2, lo statunitense resta a -3

16.29: Par di Langer alla buca 4: -2 per il tedesco

16.28: Bogey per Olesen alla 5: il danese torna in pari

16.25: Molinari fallisce di pochissimo la buca. Niente birdie, è par: -2

16.22: Ancora un birdie per Horscher che concede il bis e si porta a -2. Che inizio di secondo giro per lo statunitense!

16.20: Bravo Molinari! Si porta a meno di 5 metri dalla bhuca con il secondo colpo. proverà il putt per il birdie, non semplice

16.16: Parte male Poulter: bogey alla prima buca e scende a -3 in classifica

16.14: Par per Olesen alla buca 4, par per Lagern alla buca 3. Entrambi sono a -2

16.12: Par anche alla settima buca per Kizzire: resta a -2

16.10: Bel tee shot a centro in buca 1 fairway per Chicco Molinari

16.04: Par per Kisner e Aphibarnrat alla buca 1: i due protagonisti della prima giornata restano a -3

16.00: Birdie di Olesen alla buca 3: -2 per il danese

15.58: Doppio bogey alla 3 e alla 5 per lo scozzese Lyle che sprofonda a +3

15.56 Bogey di Kaymer alla buca 4, il tedesco torna in pari

15.56: Birdie alla buca 1 per Horschel e -1 per lo statunitense

15.55: Ancora un par per Kizzire alla buca 6. Lo statunitense resta a -2

15.49: Si avvicina la partenza di alcuni dei protagonisti della prima giornata: alle 15.50 Kisner (Usa) e Aphibarnrat (Thailandia) che sono a -3, sesti; alle 15.50 Ian Poulter (Inghilterra) a che è a -4 in quarta posizione

15.48: Rispetto a ieri è cambiata la dislocazione delle buche nei green. Ecco una piccola guida delle buche di oggi

15.47: Olazabal proprio non c’è. Inizia malissimo con due bogey alle prime due buche e la mannaia del taglio si avvicina

15.43: Par di Kizzire anche alla buca 5: -2 per lo statunitense che si conferma 11mo

15.39. par di Olesen alla buca 2: -2

15.37. Ancora una partenza a razzo del veterano Langer che, come ieri, piazza subito il birdie alla prima buca a si porta a -2

15.34: A fine giornata alcuni lasceranno il torneo perché c’è il taglio, entrano i primi 50 (salvo parità) oppure alternativamente tutti quelli che sono a 10 o meno colpi dal leader

15.24: par di Olesen alla buca 1: Il danese resta a -1

15.19: Inizia male lo statunitense Na: bogey alla buca 1 e +1

15.19: Par di Kaymer alla buca 2: non sfrutta l’occasione e resta a -1

15.16: Par di Kizzire anche alla buca 3 (par 4). Resta a -1

15.12: Birdie di Lyle alla buca 2. Lo scozzese si porta a -1

15.06: Birdie per Kizzire alla buca 2. Lo statunitense si rimette subito in carreggiata e torna a -2

15.03. Inizia ,male Bling con un bogey alla 1 e scende a +3

14.55: Par per Immelman alla buca 1

14.54: Arriva il birdie per Kaymer che sale a pari e inizia benissimo la giornata odierna con una grande buca 1

14.51: Inizia col botto l’ex numero uno Kaymer che sfiora l’eagle alla 1 con due soli colpi e si porta a meno di un metro dalla bandiera

14.49: Par per Lyle e per Kim

14.48: Inizia male il secondo giro per Kizzire che commette diversi errori e centra la buca in 5 colpi, uno sopra il par. Lo statunitense, protagonista ieri, scende a -1

14.44: Questi gli orari di partenza dei concorrenti più importanti. Molinari 16:09, i leader DeChambeau e Koepka 16:42 e 17:04, Phil Mickelson (terzo) 16:53

14.41: Francesco Molinari ruiparte dall’undicesimo posto con un buon -2 nel primo round ma i fuochi d’artificio finali hanno cambiato la sostanza della classifica con DeChambeau e Koepka che sono al comando con -6

14.39: Buongiorno agli appassionati di golf e benvenuti alla seconda giornata degli Augusta Master. Dopo una prima giornata ricca di colpi di scena, si riparte con il primo gruppo di concorrenti impegnati alla buca 1

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