She feels sick at home and dies at 18 in her mother's arm

She's 18-year-old daughter is feeling bad at home and dies at 18 in her mother's army  t

A girl 18 years old died today in her home in Sezze (Latin). Francesca Venditti, a student, felt sick when she was at home with her mother called 118. Necessary help, the girl had already died. Claudio De Lazzaro, the assistant lawyer, ordered an autopsi to prove the causes of death. Aneurysm is being considered, but it will be necessary to wait until some self-answer tests can receive specific answers.

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According to the builders, Francesca had just started preparing breakfast, she was preparing to go out when the ailment struck her. Everybody was very knowledgeable and loving. He loved singing and dancing. The 18-year-old was present at the last year of Liceo delle Scienze Umane and was getting ready to take the last exam. Last updated: 20:49


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