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Slide Share 100, Inps guide

With the pension reform the Quota 100 new installment quota is a new way to retire, which allows them retiring when he has not reached more than three years over the 62 years and 38 years of grant: in terms of sliding supply to its 100th, carried by close-paying funding, INPS is able to; Given its first details taken from the site of small enterprises

This is an incredible contribution to income support for staff that arrive Requirements for Share 100 by 31 December 2021. Therefore, eligible staff were at least 59 years of age and 35 of installments on 31 December 2018. The measure is aimed at turning a generation and paragraph 2 of article 22 says that the give "only the privileges" in the presence of corporate or non-governmental agreements signed by the national representative of the trade union organizations in which the number of employees recruited is to give place to employees who are Having access to this service is set up to provide employment levels. "

Trade union agreements, which emphasize the INPS, must be validated within 30 days of registration. Of course, For all employees to whom this benefit is recognized, there must be a new recruitment.

The incredible installment is also paid in the three-month window provided with the 100th installment (62 years old and 38 years of installments) to complete and one start-up to & # 39; pensioner. Then, the incredible contribution can not be paid after March 31, 2022 (describing staff who grow 100 departments by 31st December, 2021). The grant, however, is paid until the minimum requirements are met.

This service can only be provided with close two-bilateral funding already established or in the process, which is expected to give amazing contributions for future income support, included in her order. The INPS message will provide a direct management guide to submit applications.

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