Sony Xperia XA3: press performance and live images

Update 08/02:

Sony Xperia XA3 was killed in some of the images that produced Taiwanese disaster. The shows were unfortunately that this is unfortunately not available online. Confirm again the animated features of the device, equipped with especially a long shape (21: 9), de thin edges on three sides and one most famous envelope at the top.

There is no sign, story or hole or what other vision does it have to do; hiding a camera face: Sony has a & # 39; apply forhigh classical height, so to contribute to & # 39; expand their body. Compared to the offer arrangements, however,there is some inconvenienceFor example, see the upper and low frames, in the ultimate ultimate ultimate and narrower case compared to the previously posted images.

Do not miss behind the mandouble camera(from 23 + 8MP, say the truths), as long as the ring-mounted gloves are located on the other side. On the lower edge is the USB Type-C port and two speakers, and the colors available black, silver, blue and pink.

Among the technical specifications of smartphones (which have recently received the Bluetooth SIG certificate), we are referring to & # 39; see Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC, 4GB of 64GB of internal memory, the 23 + 8MP dual car and a 3500mAh battery. This data is not yet substantiated, so we are waiting for the World Mobile Congress to give any doubts.

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