the conditions. Giulia Salemi's message

3GVV Walter Nudo's winner struck this illness. Giulia Salemi's message arrives

That's hours of concern Walter Nudo and his family. Today the story has come to be the winner of the competition GFVipunfortunately, unfortunately, he was in Los Angeles beaten illness. In the next lines we talk about it in detail current health conditions. At the same time, the first begins posts how close it is, including that Giulia Salemi.

We have improved learning Walter I would also like to thank the differing experiences of the factual displays which he participated in, but he is over there Big Brother presented to him in a simple and natural way. A good, reflective person, but with very clear views. In Italy's largest house he was often eager to play the goal of the job, as well as inspiring many young competitors.

Now, however Walter Nudo he finds out that he is very alive. The actor Carabinieri He had a terrible illness when he was in Los Angeles. But see for yourself what happened and what the health situation is now.

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