The Fortnite case does not block Google's sleep, which is Secure "tax" to Play Store applications

Fortunately it seems to be a renewable game for many reasons, some of which directly impact on Play Store Google: the fact that in 2018, indeed, was the first game that had achieved global success, even & # 39; and on smartphones, despite being away from the Play Store.

The APK's Epic Games Software House prefers to be distributed throughout the site, and so avoiding to divide the jobs that were & # 39; buy in-app with Big G – a It maintains 30% of the money from his platform – and his pocket over $ 50 million; It could be in Mountain View again.

Fortnite, indeed, has shown that you can even find amazing numbers without help from an important and busy window like that of Google, and it can spur other developers to do the same.

However, Google does not seem to fear Google's potentially dominant effects of Fortnite. "We do not expect to reduce its 30% fee, which we believe are appropriate for the services and visibility we are experiencing; offer ", Sundar Pichai responded to his theme within the Google seasonal revenue display, which he looks like at the helm.

"It's a business level", he has a clear account of Apple that will retain himself the percentages of employment that comes with the App Store.

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