The moon diet: how it works and how many kilos you lose

a & # 39; lunar diet lost up to 2kg per day, cleaning the body and getting rid of it more whiskey.

This is a detox diet, which includes a code of conduct, which is acceptable only for 3 days. Removing fat rolls and siting, opposing water retention. How does the moon diet work? This diet is a continuation of the moon's pathways affecting the ground and our well-being.

The speed of the moon phase needs to be adjusted and no longer required Followed for 24 hours. Meanwhile, they have been obliged to deliver Hard food is being banned, but only whiskey can be consumed, such as mourners or thimbles. You can start cleaning itself The coming of the new moon. t, the first quarter of the moon or the final quarter of the moon, to find out the different levels of the satellite and the exact same period to start you will need to consult moon calendar.

So the diet is over the first day of ash happens with the new moon and the second day of liquid nutrition in the first quarter of the Moon, it is expected that the third and fourth day will follow when the full moon and quarter moon emerge. . According to the engineers of this diet a put on weight loss during the moon the power would be able to control our weight, through the water in the organism.

This system has many advantages, first it's cleaning the stomach, legs and liver, toxins. The body, doing cellulite resistance and water retention, detoxifies the body's revival. Since it is heavily reduced proteins, fat and carbohydrates, t the Moon diet is not suitable for everyone and it can be dangerous for those suffering from low blood pressure or diabetes. Before it goes, it's necessary always to your doctor develop an opinion and understand that it is compatible with your health condition. So it's always good to talk to your doctor before you start your diet.

How the Moon diet works. Ann 24 hours rest at the time of the whole moon it is necessary to drink plenty of water, with fruit vegetables and vegetable sugar. In the lunar period, instead, a low calorie diet should be followed, and when the new Moon comes just you need to drink green tea and re-drinking. Eventually, the moon has caused the removal of sweets and sweets avoid food after 6pm.

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