The Telescope Horizon project is about to show us the first picture of a black hole

The black hole is in the middle of our galaxy. In reality we need to have our own content by looking at its shadow

This is the first picture of black holes in history, but of course it will be a matter to take a clearer image of what is happening near the horizon of the event. It is not possible for us to see a "view" of a black hole, because it represents that the space of time that does not allow the light to light itself is changed. These cosmetic "items" were not after this, after all – the random selection.

Online camera all over the world

Astronomers have created the so-called "virtual camera", which is made up of global-based radio devices, marking the black hole, t link existing structures from new ones. The aim is to take a picture of the real place that would no longer be able to find out more.

The data was collected two years ago, after 10 years of preparation, giving the marks collected in the frequent frequency radio band and getting «magnifying glass» to show the ten-dice. the maximum amount of events. It will be possible to be "shaping" a black hole.

How the data were collected

On 11th April 2017, 65 hours of data were stored and then sent to the Haystack Theater and Max Planck Institute for its treatment, an exercise which was completed with four teams of astronauts who were housed there. a private mystery, not to affect each other.

The photo will be published on the 10th April in the forthcoming press conference National Science Trust (Nsf) broadcast live around the world.

If you had a chance to see what is happening at the closed distances then that would make a big difference in exploring general relationships and the black holes itself. The project is not just a "click", the international project aims to achieve more solid solutions for the "focus" of black holes.

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