to the screes of 125 are on the hen road and the railway line. The boundary is still standing at 130

New road code: access to 125 tracks on the hen road and railway line. The boundary is still standing at 130

A new road code sees the Parliament get back on its feet. The newest news is that it has changed road code on & # 39; high roads and the tangential they may also circulate scooters 125 (ie vehicles with a cubic capacity of up to 149 cc), as far as adult driving is.

Italy is the only country in the European Union with this restriction. It will be deleted. It is a measure that M5S and the League will support the core text tomorrow will be sent to other parliamentary bodies. It has already been decided that the debate will take place in the Chamber at the end of April, at the beginning of May, but in the meantime most have agreed t Commission.

The only uneven point is the elevation of a distance of 150 km / h on three-lane trunk roads (in attendance with an asphalt), which Via Bellerio asked. M5S is opposed to this proposal and includes the doubts about Maternity and the Ministry of Transport. The League could not do the barricades any further, especially when there were complaints from an operational point of view, but now it is point. Giving permission that the acceleration of speed, as is the case in France, can be put back in some bridges, as the pentastellars asked.

Another change that is made against the first plan applies to a fine for people who are caught driving on a smartphone or mobile phone. Initially the license was suspended for two or six months. Instead it takes place between seven and thirty days, and between one and three months in the event that it is repeated. However, high fines are expected (from 422 euros to 1,697 higher), and the use of the telelaser will also be in the government's will. The smoking ban rule has also been deleted, deleted from the original text. Other measures planned: free disabled parking, pink strip for pregnant women, facilities for those collecting historic cars by destroying property tax and introducing a road code of goods. a portable electronic mode of small electrical boxes such as circuits, scoops, scorer boards and hover boards.

In the case of cyclists in the wrong road, the ad hoc area for the two wheels in front of the traffic lights and at the stop at crosses and the use of the barrels will be in the town's administrations. Thus the first people are left free. More powers for the traffic police could, when and when they think that is appropriate, always carry out surveys to understand if a driver has been taking drugs and now this drug has no t This option is only possible if the driver suggests changes.
Pylons are the ideal location for transport, with steps to prevent heavy trumpets on heavy vehicles (can down-load special pieces) so that they do not damage the road surface.

For heavy vehicles, slabs will also be reviewed. The Lega and M5S also aim to punish those who go around without insurance (which could be doubled with powers) and exclude those on the company's home or headquarters. was established in Italy for more than 60 days from burning with a foreign registered vehicle. Continue on the railway for bicycles. It is not the duty to use low-level lights outwith the built areas even in the day.

For motor cyclists the duty to assess protective protective clothing is for cyclists – they can circulate in yellow streams currently reserved for taxis and buses – to wear helmets. The text – it is expected that the two supporters will have largely, Scaglius for M5S and Donina for the League – remaining open to the opponents' proposals. It was last updated at 07:16


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