VAT, flat rate and stamp duty. The calendar

April 2019 tax dates: VAT, flat rate and stamp duty. The calendar

Calendar of dates in April

In the annual calendar dates dates April 2019 is full of commitments. Key events include the delivery of a Single Certificate and an opportunity for access Precompiled 730 models on the Crofting Commission website. But also the quarterly stamp duty on the first electronic invoice 2019 and the closing date for applications. T fiscal peace. Therefore, please indicate the deadlines in April 2019, the closing date. We remind you of, for more information, to see any changes, we recommend you contact it fees tables on the Crofting Commission website.

Tax dates: forms registered for Monday 1 April 2019 – Part I

Let's go Monday 1 April. The most important responsibilities on this day respond to the delivery of the work Single Certificate 2019 to support fees related to independent work qualifications, blended support and fiscal and self-employment certificates, commissions and different income paid in 2019. For entry fees delivery, this can be for direct mail or by post. Material can also be sent by e-mail, but only if the employee is seen correctly and then printed it.

1 April is the date for telecommunications, direct or authorized intermediary EAS model with the groups involved. The model must be set out if changes to previously reported tax data were reported in 2018.

Tax Dates: Requirements for Monday 1 April 2019 – Part II

Requirements are also provided insurance companies, which would have to be paid on prices and equipment collected by February and any changes in January, via the form F24.

The last date is associated with the group financial activities that they need to communicate with the publicTax schedule the financial relationship data with customers in February. They will be communicated through the SID – Stream Reporting Framework program.

Fee dates April 2019: Wednesday 10th recruitment

The most important two meetings are on Wednesday 10 April 2019. The VATpayers are primarily concerned with the taxation and levying of fees. Data communication about systems intermittently to VAT in terms of fourth quarter 2018 through a unique format, passed directly, electronically or through an accredited mediator.

The second one is aiming at him tourism activities, that the data relating to the monthly amount must be stated for the purposes of VAT. t More specifically, as reported by FiscoOggi, "the taxation of taxes related to tourism related currency, for an amount equivalent to 1,000 euros or more, was made in 2018." ". Communication must be made using the form available on the Tax Group website, directly, electronically or through an authorized mediator.

April 2019 tax dates: Monday 15th duties

Monday, April 15 they will be available on the website of the income agency Precompiled 730 models. Until the beginning of May, however, it will be possible only see the modeland, for the changes that may be required or to accommodate, it must first wait in May.

a & # 39; VAT Duties for taxpayers, they relate to the issue and registration of a delay in respect of goods delivered or sent in March. Sales and wholesalers will also have the opportunity to register, electronically, the fees for their March operations through data transmission.

Tax reporting by month
The March must also be maintained by amateur sports clubs
and non-profit organizations who have chosen the flat scheme.

Closing dates April 2019: Tuesday 16th obligation

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 it will be the day of day responsibility for owners of VAT. Indeed, on this day, personal income tax and INPS grant payments will be paid for March 2019.

Payment of taxes on income
depend on and pay for self-employment and pay for self-employment
It will also be responsible for the administration and organizations of the central government on March 2019
public. You must also pay the same fees too
regional and city taxes held back from employees and pensioners and VAT

Financial companies and companies, as well as insurance companies, need to be advance payment (95%) of the stamp duty paid electronically for 2019 using the form F24.

April 2019 tax dates: Wednesday duties

Wednesday 17 April the deadline for payments related to it hardworking repentanceor to pay (non-payments) and unpaid taxes within the set timescales, ie before March 16. The payment must be made electronically via a specific F24 format or by Authorized.

April 2019 tax dates: Tuesday 23 March

Tuesday, 23 April to be an important day electronic invoices, from the first time since the same procedure was introduced, a new tax compliance will begin. That's true paying stamp duty for the first quarter of the reference year. As stated in Tax Information, “information on the stamp stamp payments must have been in receipt of electronic invoices required in accordance with the Ministerial Order on 17 June 2014 and, in relation to the procedures required. paid. it will be necessary to follow the rules contained in the reserved area of ​​the website of the income group '. Payment from bank debt or from the postal attendance account, or through F24 by telematico, will be made available on the Group's website (F24-EP for public bodies).

April 2019 tax dates: duties on Friday 26th

Moving on to Friday, 26 April, the day will pass Intrastat Lists both from taxpayers with a seasonal remit, and from those with a monthly duty. All correspondence must be sent to the E.D.I. Customs or Excise group or the Excise Group online.

Dates of April 2019: duties on Tuesday 30 – Part I

So we finished this calendar,
with a full day of taxes on Tuesday, 30th April.

This is the deadline for applications breaks tax assessments and for balance and write-off. The first concern is about taxpayers who can benefit from the third forgiveness of the custodians responsible for collectors between 1 January, 2000 and 31 December, 2017. be able to repay their debts interest free or pay a penalty and up to 18 allowances. Instead the balance and disposal will depend on themes that are in financial difficulties and will be able to pay the amounts by a reduced level based on their ISEE household information.

Closing dates for April 2019: duties on Tuesday 30 – Part II

For VAT performance, we remind you of your responsibility for electronic communication with regard to VAT spesometro in the second half of 2019. And planting themesterometro reports on the months of January, February and March 2019.

The 30th April will also be the day for the exhibition The 2019 VAT Declaration refers to the 2018 tax year. The duty is payable to owners of VAT and taxpayers who carry out industrial, arts or professional activities.

a & # 39; non-commercial organizations that make public collections of assets they must present the report containing income and costs for the subject.



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