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Veneto's Praise Law: "Professional record, invoice and VAT number for brutal

This is the oldest debate in the world. He has been talking about with emphasis since 1958, when the Venetian grandfather Lina Merlin closed, and we have to go to; see if the houses are closed forever. Occasionally the debate will return. Even Matteo Salvini had come out in the opening: "If we need to tackle crime, we will remove strip from the streets. It needs to be on governed and taxed as in civil nations ". Then Gianfranco Rufa's great-grandmother's advocacy came to a ban on the use of his / her. professionals in public places, and center management with their self-employment tax. A revised and correct proposal was now planned to Veneto Department. Where Antonio Antonio Guadagnini from the independent organization Siamo Veneto aims to establish a list of gender workers in each town: "Today there are 70,000 workplaces working in Italy. Nearly Data from the Household Social Affairs Committee to enter into. There are two thousand people who are getting smaller and the number has been reduced to slavery and forced to sell themselves . The wonder is spreading on the street. The houses are closed to rooms, friendly housing rooms and cars. "

It is the point of view that strips will be becoming self-employed employees as anyone else. With the right to & # 39; obtaining the unified legitimate obligation, the obligation to provide a VAT number and invoice and, above all, pay the health costs, social security and fees.

With great benefit from state chests, it seems to be understood in accordance with the accounts made by the same local Venetian councilor: "The revenue is estimated at 25 billion euro , with 9 million users each year. Veneto only allows the income to be around 3 billion. If these 25 billion were introduced, billions for of State. "The folder of the regional law that is proposed is also a # 39; including the penalties that will be put in place to stop street prostitution. Very serious penalties are understood: "Penalty from 5 miles to 50,000 inches for a non-registered brutal. At the end of 100 miles and up to 15 years in prison for those who have a & # 39; the promotion of prostitution. Who becomes a life sentence and bringing up to a half-bill if there are difficulties and incentives for the kidnapping of children's prostitution. "

The draft regional law may come to an end next week in the committee where he could also go over with support from the League and the center. Then, there should be a debate in the classroom at Palazzo Ferro Fini, where the challenger is committing a fight, before being appealed to the Parliament, the only person called legislation. Just say that the department is Stefano Fraccaro, the head of the Democratic Party. swear that they do not vote for their recommendation for a number of reasons: "You can not think of trying to get rid of water strip as a puppet that does not make their bill. Uncertainly on legal proposals. Prostitution is a reason for outskirts and use. And where we need to translate it. This suggestion is likely to be one of those things that are considered but a & # 39; taking into "bugs".

Even the League and Venetian should be even the 5 stars in the Roman government. voting against. However, Iacopo Berti, the leader of their organization in the Department, however, has a great deal of removal: "These are things that we are dealing with a special working group in Rome. If I have to say, we believe in other legal types, a bit more difficult then channabis. And then I need to say everything, just look at how many regional bills come to state laws. In Veneto, since this institution exists, the balance is zero. " It makes out that even a & # 39; Speak to the divisor Antonio Guadagnini who asked: "Anyone can get girls available on the web or in the newspaper advertising. The thing is spread and We let us not be aware of it. But today's law needs to change as no produce has been produced ".


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