Warriors, appearing before Ajax-Juventus: 120 Italian supporters stop

AMSTERDAM – Avoid charging gas and police charges even on horseback. It was a tribute to Ajax-Juventus, the final quarter of the Champions League in the capital of the Netherlands. According to Minister Outside Matteo Salvini there would be 120 Juventus supporters stopped.

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According to the minister who said he had live on Facebook, those arrested had problems "that didn't fit into a stadium". Salvini asked the supporters in the Dutch capital to follow the game between Ajax and Juve to “keep their heads on their shoulders”.

The cast was made up of local people who had been saved, depending on local media, involved fireworks, battles, peppermint and skirt, and were close to Arena Johan Cruijff.
Juventus followers were arrested and mobilized. Among other things, they demonstrate the use of fire parents and smoke bombs from police to support groups near the stadium. The police also got involved in the pottery where fans were found carrying sticks, iron clubs, spices and other anti-crime incidents. Some expenses were made by police, even by the horse-drawn units, to spread the supporters of Ajax, always near the stadium.

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