WhatsApp, guides your simple voice notes with this new app

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On our side WhatsApp There is definitely no lack of voice notes. The audio recordings, even though we do not understand it, can be seen in hundreds, even if there are not even thousands of units. The notes they have been developing daily communication to & # 39; least say. Instead of sending text messaging far, what's better than just a few fingers? Today, the public can not do it without records.

WhatsApp, simple application to direct your voice notes by just a few clicks

It may not seem, but the notes can also take a little voice issues. Think of a cliché: users often tend to even multi-media files & # 39; and when they are enough A few words to be written by a keyboard. This can lead to a great deal of concerns, especially about what concerns space in memory of the machine. There is a pressure related to voice note, but other records can be involved in some Giga of the digital phone.

It is always possible to store some mega delete some of the files without use. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not yet offer a complete control device. So it is essential to use software on it Play Google: we talk about it "Voice Notes for WhatsApp".

Software users hereby can be able shape, reprint, move or delete the files Opus come from the discussions. Many thanks to this application you can try to protect as much room in your phone.

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