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WhatsApp, Telegram and other platforms: how to make a self-destruction of messages

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Confidence in confidentiality, disclosure of information accompanied by a screen shot or to share only private information for a short period of time, the ability which gives them accessself-destruction of messages this really links to the increase in confidentiality in the conversation.

While they are on some platforms, like that Telegramit's a process of self-destruction is an essential part of the secret partnership, in other applications, it is necessary find strategies anyway. So here's "how do you" to get rid of messages sent away.


The knowledgeable platform for WhatsApp (which accounts for the 3 million subscribers to the stage) has introduced this feature go straight into their secret talks, where it allows an independent decision to be made on how long you want the visible message to be in a conversation and devolve the timescale even from changing times, from 1 second up to Month.

The convenience of confidential conversations is to be able to know through a know who that appears directly on the conversation, if the other person has the other side took a picture, so that at the moment they can prove how reliable the largest people are getting the most personal messages.


Indeed, the app has not, in fact, been loading many aspects from the Telegram competition into the operation of secret debates, and therefore the ability to set a self-destruction mechanism.

to this remedyinstead, you can publish one State – how it happens on Snapchat – that's how self-destruction after 24 hours. The visibility of this message may be extended to all your contacts or restricted to one person a circle among people (maybe even one). It is the only lump lack of warning if you are doing one screen shot from the friends of the friends who are allowed to view the message.


This message application seizes the method of self-destruction of messages in everyday conversations, unlike Telegram where you must start a confidential conversation. Also here you can set the time for self-destruction, and in addition the app may operate as instantaneous interpreterThey were a kind of virtual interpreter for speaking in two different languages ​​without fear of being understood. The application is available to download for tools Android.

DONTALK and Wickr

These two apps include proficiency delete messages even after wrong (as has WhatsApp and Telegram now) and is available Google Play. Wickr, as well as that, it also gives it access monitor the performance time the message after the message

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