World Support Day, 65% of world users are missing data – Hi-tech

Over 65% of the world's customers have lost data and 7% still cannot accept any way to protect their personal information. This is as a result of a survey by the then Acronis technology company Day World Day, the day of raising awareness about having your own data happens annually on 31 March. The research shows positive information: almost all users (92.7%) now support their computers, with an increase of over 24.1% compared to the year about Finally, the most regular each year.

“World Decision Day is an opportunity for practitioners to understand an increasingly important place in this task”, explaining the site that promotes its aspirations. The global day has been marked since 2011 to raise awareness of the importance of backing, on a USB, hard disk or online memory, by means of a cloud service, that is online cloud where we can collect our data By backing up this creates a second or third copy of your files – from photos and videos to emails and documents – to prevent it from entering your data. lose them if the computer is lost or the phone stored on them, or stolen, or that some stolen sheep are being stolen and charge for return.

Today's importance is very high as it has never been, with the increase in more serious threats aimed at user data. Ransomware is, for example, a real take up of data, even if you require it in virtual format: attendees influence computers and smartphones, opening up a selection of their material. it keeps there, leaving the machinery in the hands of the owners but making them useless.