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You play in the middle of the sky

The host who welcomed today for the last trip welcomed the crowd the little Elia Rizzotti, the 11-year-old boy living in Lavagno, in the continent of Verona, was suddenly breakdown by virus on Monday last year. Among them, pupils were of the first degree and those of the A.D. Colognola had been an armyman, still astonishing the incident to the boy who saw just a few days before he started in full shape on the fields. "We are sure that you are now playing football on an amazing floor that the Lord has prepared for you" to write a football player on Saturday night San Pietro church with many relatives and relatives Elia but also many of the foreigners who, when the funeral, came to the family to see their close association in a little painful pain.

For a full farewell to the child, indeed, the whole country of Lavagno has stopped where the warden ordered the murder of his home. Church as large as people who were unable to enter for many of them. This did not impede those who decided to follow the religious position from outside, waiting to be able to; travel the coffin in the cemetery for a & # 39; leaving the last little Elijah. The leaves of her white coffin were covered with colorful flowers but also with the Hellas shirt, their favorite team, with her name and number, on 2nd, along with the white balloons' clothing that was with him The blue ones were yellow from their favorite team prepared outside the church. In order to remember Elia Tomorrow the same players will be able to. play with his arm

In the meantime, the medical studies continue to & # 39; understand what the child hit in detail. Doctors talk about a virus that hit her; heart but to establish its origins, you must wait for the test results on the samples taken from the small Elijah group. Only in this way, the parents, who are destroying their pain, can finally answer their terrible demand: "Tell us what happened"

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