Ithmar Al Mawarid, strategic investment investment with a focus on sustainable development


Ithmar Al Mawarid, strategic investment investment with a focus on sustainable development

Friday, February 8, 2019 at 22:21

Casablanca – Ithmar Al Mawarid, the CEO of Ambaid Obaid, based on Thursday with HM King Mohammed VI, a strategic asset asset dedicated to sustainable development. Created in 2011 under the name of the Moroccan Tourism Development Fund, to support the implementation of a "2020 vision" for tourism, Ithmar Al Mawarid is currently hosting, engage in a wider range of action from which it turned into 2016 Landlord Fund.

The transformation of this important financial finance was necessary and is in line with the long-term development plans set up by Morocco in the different branches of the economy, with the aim of making it possible to work number. offer the national economic building and to support the various regional strategies in the country.

As a strategic public initiative, Immar Al Mawarid's Property is a tool for encouraging national and international investments for sustainable and sustainable growth. Conferred by a capital of 15 billion dollars, the State introduced two thirds and in a third part with the Hassan II Fund, Ithmar Al Mawarid is located as a multisectoral landowner's property aimed at investing encourage and encourage the support of partnerships between private companies and government institutions.

By taking strategic initiatives in socio-economic projects, Encouraging policies that contribute to the development of the main sectors of the marine economy and by improving the development of the marine economy. attracting investors and partners, the Fund is carrying out its position accused of investing. and help to & # 39; Creating vibrant economic dynamism and promoting sustainable growth that has a strong and sustainable growth. promoting employment.

In order to fulfill its campaigns, Ithmar Al Mawarid was designed according to a model of property assets assets to benefit from the best management practices, to ensure operational excellence and to allow participants internationally wishing to invest in Morocco.

The aim is also to make joint investments with international landowner funds and provide them with the opportunity to offer funding opportunities to promote national development.

With its role as lairds, Ithmar Al Mawarid plays an important role in financing the development of projects, It is possible to stimulate savings and give important funding to projects that can not look after a long time.

So with regard to the continental measurement, Ithmar Al Mawarid also wants to be a tool for economic diplomacy in the way that he can initiate economic collaborative projects, strengthening collaborative relationships, diplomatic partner of Morocco the rest of the world.

Morocco's superintendent investment fund is now directly engaged in African language and is now established as a gateway for institutional investment in the United States. mainland. In this regard, he attempts to give financial support to the United Kingdom policy by " attracting and managing foreign investors to Africa, and so on; allowing capital flows to be directed into projects with added value.

Based in a global world where investors look for new markets that are in the world. emerging and areas with growth and growth potential, Immar Al Mawarid's assets are part of a comprehensive and precise analysis method.

Its creation responds to the need for innovative, accessible, guided and assisted approach to investors. This gives him a character and a strategic position in national socio-economic development work because he has a great job to play; consolidating some of the major interdisciplinary investment projects while it is an incentive to fund the private sector. .

This investment device will capitalize on targeting the targeted projects with the aim of doing so; affecting the performances, and the transit of the modes, to & # 39; Creating a business climate that suits investors and expresses the proactive state-of-the-art commitment to partnership and knowledge.

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