It's a clay time for its & # 39; planet … in 2 billion years as a galaxy side by side of a military course


There is a nearby galaxy going forward to a & # 39; Milk on a colliding course that can move on the ground outside the Goldilocks line, making it too hot or cold for life.

Scientists at Durham University acknowledge that the Cloud Magellanic Cloud (LMC) could hit the Milky Way in two billion years.

Although the disaster would not have an impact on the solar system, it would stimulate events that could change the planets and end life on Earth Two billion years faster than expected .

Dr Marius Cautun, the main author of the research and post office at the Cosmology Institute of Computing of the University, said: "Even minor differences in the distance between Earth and Sun can move our planet outside the Goldilocks field and do too hot or cold for life. "

The LMC, the salad galaxy is most clear on the Harbor Route, about 163,000 years away. There is a measure that there are almost twice as many dark dark as expected, and means that it is convicted of being fulfilled by our galaxy.

An accident disaster could awaken a depressing black hole in the Mudan Route, which began to start; cast around gauze, increase up to 10 hours and, possibly, to remove the Solar System to a complex location.

Professor Carlos Frenk, co-author and director of the institution said: "Our descendants, if it is there, want to treat: an amazing exhibition of cosmetic fires such as The huge black hole that has risen dramatically at the galaxy reactions by producing very clear powerful radiation jets. "

So far, scientists have said that life on Earth was destroyed about four billion years since then with changes in the Sun. The findings are published in the Monthly Messages magazine at the Royal Astronomical Society.

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