"It's a crack that Neymar Ball Golden did not"


The Italian experienced keeper Gianluigi Buffon, who said to Juventus after having played for the 17th anniversary of the turkey team, Il Corriere della Sera newspaper in which he reviewed the first episode of PSG and also had time to investigate some of the faults surrounding him in the French team, as the past Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbapp.

On the skipper of the Brasilia National Team, the guardian who is going to be aged 41 years old is considered unfairly that he did not win the Gold Ball to win the French Football magazine ever: "I say," No, it's a crack that is not Golden Ball, it should be wild, if life has been illegal and that it is give you quality out of the ordinary, you should not be satisfied by being the other, you must have the number one ".

In the same tone, the former model of the Vecchia Signora was also "casting flowers" at the attack of her; World Cup 2018, Kylian Mbapp. "Neymar and Mbapp have an unequal talent, they can join football for 10 years, but that's all going to be the same, he and Neymar are the same as Cristiano Ronaldo. ".

On the way of the Princess star, Buffon admits that he would have liked to play in the same team: "I play with many champions, but in fact I would have liked to play with him"And in terms of his lover for football, he showed:" There is a bit of joy and it's also human, but the first rule is not set by other people's judgments and opinions. Do not always be sad about the ideals and dreams for money. On the other hand, I have done it before. "

On the other hand, "Gigi" was asked if the route for the winding tours of the Welsh League against Manchester United is now more dangerous because of the Jos Mourinho coach left and the revival of the English team: "it is not so much for the value of coach but for its environment setting. I think it's a harder challenge than it is now. A football player like Paul Pogba, for example, needs something to try and step forward. "

In addition to the fascinating words that Buffon tells Neymar, the European papers constantly talk about the Scratch's disaster; get tired with PSG and wish to return to Barcelona. However, in a survey made by the Mundo Deportivo newspaper, the members of the Catalan group are not expecting to return to the institution after the fault indicated by the departure: 67.66% of the replies were returned, and only 32.33% wanted to be redirected.

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