It's a crazy gadget app in Google Play Store


The inspirational device was introduced as a valid cryptographer administrative application, but changed the user's criombach addresses with addresses that were part of the cèbear robbers, published by the cèbear security company Eset in her blog. In this way, people who use this device that want to move money to the chosen set will move money to the scammers.

This kind of genuine software, which belongs to the clipper section, has also been added to the Windows operating system in 2017. last year botnet "Satori has been modified so that the cryptographic interpreter can store a person's addresses that change the storage that is stored on the computers. And last August, for the first time, we learned about Android desirable software, which was distributed in tertiary devices.

At the same time, the recently discovered clipper detector was found in the Google Play store connected to MetaMask, designed to launch startup devices working with Ethereum. The main purpose of this malicious Software, which was christened on Android / Clipper.C, is taken over the protection of its property as Ethereum. In addition, the software was replaced instead of its cryptographic console in the & # 39; board table at the general's address address.

Users' targeting targets were to use the mobile version of the MetaMask service, which is a. Allowed Ethereum devices that were recorded in the unused browser to install Ethereum full-length device. But, indeed, MetaMask does not offer mobile apps – just plugins for personal computer browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

A number of apps have already been taken in the Google Play shop, and # 39; pretend to offer the MetaMask service. However, they then try to steal sensitive information with the hope of using it and accessing the cryptographic resources of victims.

The final version of the MetaMask fake machine was after Eset's message from the Google Play store was already removed. According to security checks, this is the first time in the history of pest type clipper in the official Android gadget source.

Experts recommend that they do not. depends on the credit of Google Play only – it has proven again that the safety of Android users is a cause for themselves. So, the number of the installation tools should be as limited as possible – and only after you confirm the identity of the device. One of the ways to prove is that you visit the development tool's website. For example, there is no known MetaMask official site about an Android device. This should be suspected that the App Store has found a result of a look.

It is a good way to make sure that your device is reliable to read ideas and its; avoid downloading devices less than 100,000 times, even though it does not promise you do not lower malware or other.

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