It's a new chance today for stubblers in Ljubno


Nika Križnar yesterday the jersey ab & # 39; best of the team game. The last row was four meters longer than the other. Photograph: EPA

On Friday, Maren Lundby won the third place for the first time as the winners. Urša Bogataj went on to win the third place for her. The first time, and yesterday at a team match, Slovenska was just behind the Germans.

Urša Bogataj, Nika Križnar, Špela Rogelj and Jernej Brecl began to jump, and, indeed, hope that these sequences will be repeated today. The qualifications start at 12.45

Coach Slovenk Zoran Zupančič: "We see that we can again focus on the highest towns. We need to stay calm."

With the longest jump of the day (93.5m), Križnar was particularly prominent yesterday. If she is successful today, she may be a major role in the World Cup in general.

The first series starts at 2pm, the broadcast will be on SLO 2 and MMC television.


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