"It's a river trip, well, but my heart is for a student"


Pachorra feared the feelings about his coming in to Boca, he praised Gallardo and showed his heart again Pincha

Alejandro Sabella le Paulo García, author of the book / César Santoro

"I am happy, happy and very grateful." Among a number of microphones, TV cameras and Alejandro Sabella's jump made a brief connection to the papers, Waiting for his words after the book's exhibition, We can talk about Sabella, in the middle of his book; town in La Plata.

Decorated with a light jacket, a shirt and a light jean and dark blue shoes (with yellow gates), he thanked the author of the book, Paulo García and everyone who was present. He warned him he did not want to talk about football but it was impossible when he was "attacked" with the media.

– Eight years ago they won 2010 Open …

Yes, it's true. Every time in a while I see the games and the goals. He is very happy for the people. Going the competition as a coach is something big. And much more to be achieved by students, my team. It is not achieved every year.

-But when you remember these images, do not bother your damage to reorganization?

-Nà, we're right like this …

-You are in health?

– Daily development day and hope to complete the cure.

Alejandro Sabella tried to ban every evening with the consultations she had been doing. talks about the future within football, and much more know that the Buenosaurs show that it is connected to the # 39; reached to Beul. He did not want to leave strong statements or closed doors that it is not closed to close at the moment. But he warned him, at this time, he does not expect to change the suit for the diver.

– A relaxed person, how did you last what happened last month in the Argentine centurion?

– I prefer to be a teacher at my tire to the word of my words. All, in part, we are part of our Argentines' pockets.

– How old was the River player, how did you go? live in the final against Boca on Sunday?

– (long in silence) I think this is a & # 39; finals among the largest Argentine football centers, their favorite ones. Well, it can not happen in our soil. It was a river streaming; there. I do not want to judge or evaluate. My heart is from Students of La Plata.

– Have you recently told us that there was no technology, but in terms of a consultant or sports director?

-You, I want to complete my revival. The most important thing for me and it brings every attention.

-But you come to find a mouth …

– Since I came here I said that I do not want to talk about the book just and do not; do just ask me about (smile).

In the display of the book, & # 39; Speaking on Sabella, his wife Silvana Rossi, representatives from the Writers' Association in the province of Buenos Aires, the former president Raul Correbo, Independent Independent Pablo Blanco, am PF Pincha formerly Marcelo Frezzini, the student leader Luis Álvarez Gelves and the old commander Bernardo Barrué.

– What do you think of this River, of Gallardo?

-Gallardo, of course, is one of the highest people in a large institution such as the River. He has marked a mark, he is a good coach. He made history and I hope he's still doing it. I really appreciate it, I value it. I really love it. He does a wonderful job. It's a Napoléon.

-Napoleon was going to play in Abu Dhabi and you were with students

-Sa, and it's hard to get there. And one of the things that cost to & # 39; Most of the first game, which everyone has to do with them; delivered ready. You need to be mindful of mind. More recently, the pace between the European campaign and the leadership of South America has gone to sink further. Real Madrid is not one of the last few years.

-You can remember what he will cost students to first game in the World Cup?

-Sfà, they finished with 8 players and go on to the goals. I do not forget any more, ha.

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