“It's a show time:” Apple is confirming Theater Steve Steve's 25th March event


The event invites strong views on the upcoming video service.
Enlarge / The event invites strong views on the upcoming video service.

Apple has sent out invitations to members of the media and other guests for a special event in March 25. The tag and animation are strongly suggested that the TV service that is t looking closely at the company of its size.

The words "It 's show time" are added to the invitation. Apple used the same tagline in 2006 to launch a major Apple TV product in its future. Editor TechCrunch Matthew Panzarino was sent back GIF of the animations: throwing down counts into old films and film production, again suggesting that video content is a focus for the event.

Apple has been courting Hollywood writers and other talents since it is growing fast in Culver City, Calif., In the Los Angeles area. According to tradition the company is looking for family-friendly content and has received a huge amount of content from established entertainers. For example, it will resume Steven Spielberg's A remarkable source, a film released from the Oscar winning director La La Land, launching a new series Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine showman Ronald D. Moore and a series based on the series of Isaac Asimov's series. There is also something similar with Oprah Winfrey.

Television might not be the only thing on tap; It is said that Apple is working on a valuable newsagent and news magazine service. This service may also go ahead on 25 March.

The event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple site in Silicon Valley. The theater was first used in September 2017 to publish the iPhone X and other products. Since then, Apple has held events in other venues, including a Chicago school or Brooklyn arts center. But the theater in California has been a temporary platform for nominations.

Below is the Steve Jobs Theater on the day which was first used for a public event on 12 September 2017.

This event takes place almost a year after the March 27, 2018 event, where Apple named the Foundation iPad iPad. That model has the A10 process – the same used in iPhone 7 – and starts at $ 329. There are some key features of other iOS devices that are not on the-on-system chip, similar to the silicon Neural Engine which has been designed to manage the learning properties of a device. IPad 2018 also supported the Apple Pencil, and installed Apple as a device for education.

This year, a developer developed evidence of new iPad modules on a code for the iOS 12.2 the beta developer, as well as a report in Bloomberg naming sources near Apple saying Apple is planning to update this year's iPad with faster processing and 10- inch inches. The report also says that Apple will bring in a new version of the mini iPad, which has not been updated since 2015. Other online reports showed that Apple also features an updated iPod.

Any of these results could come at the March 25 event. However, the event may also just happen on software and services – a growing focus for the company. The event will be lively, and will cover the live coverage from 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

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