It's a Vietnam that is the longest running series in the world


With the surprise of France being losing the Netherlands in the League of Nations, & # 39; Vietnam is now the national team in the longest range of people who have not been killed in the world.

It's a Vietnam that is the longest running series in the world

In the League of Nations game last year, the 0-2 French team fell to the team without tickets to the 2018 World Cup in the Netherlands.

Not only did France have lost the Dutch throne, the team lost only one point, but the 2018 World Cup match was cut off 15 games. No. 2-3 in a friendly hotel in March 2018). Earlier, in the World Cup, the French team had not gone over to the war.
Mister Chip's statistics confirmed Vietnam is the most striking streak in the world

According to the Spanish journalist, Alexis Martín, who has the name of the MisterChip pen on a series of prestigious newspapers, such as ESPN, AS, is saying that Vietnam's Phone has "increased" France to become a team national at the series. The most remote world at present.

Mister Chip said: "After the French defeat of Holland yesterday, you can not think of the team with the most prolonged series in the world, now. " Along with that, this page has posted a Vietnam national flag.

This information has caused many people to be amazing and doubtful about being sure. However, if the investigation is, the truth has just been found by the journalist who gives a lot of positive evidence.

It was the last time; We had a sour fruit when we lost 1-2 against Indonesia in the final Cup Cup AFF under Nguyen Huu Thang's manager. In these 10 matches, Vietnam won 4 and pulled 6.


The Vietnamese team can expand this amazing progress when it meets Myanmar and Cambodia in the final two AFF Cup matches in 2018. These are not too aggressive challenges for placing the Hang teacher here. a competition is very important.

Minh Long (TTVN)

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