It's about a woman who's find her voice & # 39 ;: A & # 39; Miss Robert Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan, on major occupations – and controversial men Television and radio


MeIt is a clear, windy day in Paris and a stove of streets outside the Sine is taken back to the 1950s. Frank Sinatra has a world on a String from the lecturers, and pronounced very polite ass motions, as many things that want a shop. They are about to stand the type of team you would have; Looking for a generous movie that was on its budget. But this is the series of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a Amazon stealth-hit comedy about the intellectuals of a Jewish rescuer converted to her; turning a fascinating entertainer.

Even in this gold world of TV there are not many representations that would give the green light to make a film of film scenes unique across the globe, maybe just for hell (after a day on It is still unclear why the series would have to move occasionally from New York to the French capital). But Mrs. Maisel is a affecting the current era. At Emmys this year, he brought home seven amazing awards, confirming the prestige of his competition, Gilmore Girls, who created Amy Sherman-Palladino, and his. appears a new star in Rachel Brosnahan, the woman responsible for bringing Miriam "Midge" to Maisel alive.

A few months after the filmmaking in Paris came to an end, Brosnahan is sitting in a London hotel room, a vision of poorly decorated with well-established waves, old scarf and likely to be & Laughter without breath after her & # 39; most of the answers. The 27-year-old man is rude – including that I can be hungry and his / her; explains that she is usually keeping her food snacks all the time – and very hopeful, her & her; Enjoy wild enthusiasm over everything from Enid Blyton's books to secondary drama teachers Post-Even It's even possible to tell something wrong about listening to Brett Kavanaugh – to All at the time of the interview – with a great dread of hope. "I have overcome all of these related emotions at the same time," she said. "It's hard and tough, and it is also encouraging and hopeful about the future of our nation at the same time."

Brosnahan in the season two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Brosnahan in the season two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Picture: Nicole Rivelli / Amazon

This chlapiness is something like something; in Brosnahan as her character – Midge Maisel is not like a human woman as well as walking, talk about her psychotherapy. When we meet her first, she's a platonic thing she's about a forty-two century househouse, stay up to legitimate and loyalitarian status, a & # 39; The measurement of the slopes that are abruptly measured and its & quot; getting out of bed in the early hours to make it so she can make her man think she woke up like this. Even after that man, Joel, was a sword by going to her; Leave her for her secretary, she is becoming a new person as a supernatural, sexual orientation and dual sex levels with awesome self-confidence and charisma.

Brosnahan looks slightly bigger with the change of the ego in the 1950s – she is particularly concerned, for example, about "cited" when she gives spoilers for the second row at her. Mrs. Maisel, which is available in the spring in early December – but the two are a strong and optimistic division of emotions as the most American is on its own. planet.

Perhaps this is the reason why it is surprising to find out that Britain is half-British; in Brosnahan. Her mother grew up in Leeds and her parents met in the university in Brighton (not quite sure how her father, who came from Missouri, came to an end). Despite her & # 39; A couple near Chicago, the Youngsters put out the ' most of the summer summers in the UK. It was a youthful shape; with her parents' courteous approach to the girl's activity objectives. "They were very supportive and inspirational, but by saying:" We will not help you with that. "As if I wanted to take a class, my father would say:" Okay, you should go to # 39; to pay for her & # 39; class, and you should take classes because you need to be better at this. "" A planned approach was to pay quickly: at 17, Brosnahan worked professionally after taking part in the garden of Gary Oldman yesterday Post-renovation role – for her first Emmy appointment – she came in 2013, when she started Rachel Posner, who was a sex worker; her in the House of Cards.

It's on that subject that there is a uber-jolly person who has a begin to sink. It will fall when I complain if she is sorry about how Kevin Spacey's kit sent the Card House's legacy. "We never had a vision together. I had been away from the exhibition for two years," she says, which seems to be a repetition. "I've been away from the exhibition for a short time now, from a three season," she says slowly, climbing her eyes to find her a good angle on her. This unsustainable issue: what Netflix asked for a final series to link between heads. "There are so many talented, talented, talented people who work on that display that has poured their hearts and souls, so I am delighted that they have finished put on the story as they wanted. "

Spacey is not the only controversial figure that has drawn trails with them. In January, the leaders named Brosnahan had said that she was struggling to work with Woody Allen on her Amazon 2016 series, an Emergency in Six Scenes, as she said " "I have done in my life that is so inconsistent with everything I stand and believe in." Today she refuses to regret the place. "I try not to use the word" regret "about anything in my life," she said. "I said that, when I was looking back, had been part of this moment, it is important for me to make different decisions that make it possible; better appear on who I am. " Does she say that she would not accept that section again? "Well, if the same project came to me today, I can not do it … I can say that, to move forward, it is important for me to be true for who am I now? " It's just a bit, but it's obvious that she is not willing to close that particular door, to clever roles.

& # 39; I have a & # 39; I feel that I have read the same part in 1,200 scripts - someone who loves is really well but he does not know. & # 39;

& # 39; I have a & # 39; I feel that I have read the same part in 1,200 scripts – someone who loves is really well but he does not know. Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Guardian

For someone who is so involved in politics – at the time of the interview, her Instagram page moves with calls to fans in the United States to vote in the middle media elections – Brosnahan is very careful about & # 39; expressing any political ideas, and even even introducing herself can say who is voting for (although she really claims to be faithful to the Democrats) . In the summer, she finished her Emmy lecture that seemed like a genetic love, and encouraged women to hear their voice on her; Voting vote, just like Midge's a world-wide vision of the world; Mrs. Maisel. But she looks good that her ideas should be interpreted like that. "I did not think that's that way," she said. "I meant it's about a woman who gets her voice, but people get their voice – women should vote, but everyone should vote. "

The dispute at Brosnahan is to include even the shorter political ideas – and the decision to eliminate conviction – shown in the exhibition in which its stars are. Indeed, Mrs. Maisel is one of the most spectacular and enjoyable faces that he has been. provides a very brilliant picture of women's power. There is no feminism with capital F in the midfields of Meanbh-chuileag. "This woman and housemother's exhibition is a very good thing, it's really true," she tells of refusing to resist the show for her to & # 39; Enjoy trying to ask for applications; society. Maisel could have been a proto-Joan Rivers for his comedy – a smile mining of the double levels of men and women – but it was important for the producers of the show that This was an organic response to her life experiences (that is, her husband refused) rather than anything. This can be a feeling that both are extremely exhaustive and out of its & # 39; step with this character that is very calm and very self-friendly. "She does not think of anything in this in a political context – she does not think of how it is related to it," Bets are a " explained.

It may not be a collection of advanced boxes, but what does it do? leaving her Miss Maisel surprisingly & # 39; A refreshing and advanced feeling that it shows a woman's character is multilateral, consistent and self-directed. It is worth remembering how rare this is still: Brosnahan admits that he is worthy of his / her; win part after the unilateral characters to be disturbed. "I feel that I have read the same part in 1,200 scripts – someone who loves is well but does not know. There is nothing that a woman does strong, non-volatile or any type of words you can use to tell her. It's complicated and we should look at that. "

Thanks to Miss Linda Maisel's sleek women, Brosnahan has ensured that she is part of a big jump on that side.

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