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… and consideration can begin. Svetlorar Štefeček on the theater.

Photograph: Archive Svetozár Štefeček

Sobotista has a very good tradition of spell near Senica. In the 70s of the last century, Ladislav Košinár, director of the local primary school, was deserving of improvement. Many thanks to him, the school is in Slovakia – it's been a 46-year watchstep. She does not work to date, Svetozár Štefeček, the old scholar of Ladislav Košinár. Once he helped his teacher work with enthusiastic young reels, he later took over the scepter. The rhetoric cycle has been there for more than 28 years, children from a wide range of children come to it. For years, the same date – starts Friday for its & # 39; fifth. His successful scholar, Janka Švrčková, recently won the famous Olympics in China.

Knowledge, it's a beautiful feeling, but indeed there are bills and records, or not?

Yes, that's where he is.

How do you encourage your children to make these recordings and calculations interesting?

Well, initially out there needs to be considered. It is totally different when children and children; look up to the sky and see a meteor or a wing fly; Look at the planet: Jupiter, Saturn, no months … They'll see what's in the globe around us, and then they naturally learn to get more, as large as possible, why, and so on. Well, the others are added.

Many parents today are struggling with their children's partnership, they have a special interest in the performance of technology and trade, finding something easy to find at home on the internet, but there is no work more deeply and more systematically for its & Most … Are others in your area?

Children have better choices now than we do. Just thank this way. Until we learned, for example, about a cake about 30 years ago it was flying and it was obvious, it was only a fortnight ago when it left. Today, so children can, if they want to, find it in advance, watch it, and then ready to look for example just a comet. The interest and intelligence they can move.

So your children are interested?

There is. Try those who come in to us. Now Janka Švrčková has succeeded in the international Olympics, even more. It is a great inspiration for them. They see a profile. And even parents, thanks to Janke, see if their children have a & n; try, they can do it long, see the world. So they try to give them guidance.

The most successful Svetozar Štefeček student, who won the international Olympic Games Janka Švrčková.

Photograph: Archive Svetozár Štefeček

Chodieva Janka still on the rings?

Now, when she started studying in Prague, she does not have her time, but she was going to help me before. Even now, where possible.

Do you have this most successful scholar?

There is. It was a distinctive inside, very persistent. She was very interested. Some of them have differences between children after some failure, on the other hand, they have started and moved longer. She just wanted to learn more and more.

What do you expect to do next?

He studied a general physicist at the University of Charles in Prague. Their first two years are common, and they can specialize. They can still see.

How did you get personally on a retro group and beyond what to do?

Through my teacher, Ladislav Košinár. We thank him that we are doing it. Looking forward and the girl who gave the stars. I helped him in the rhetoric cycle. First of all, I studied chemistry and physics, I wanted to do something else, but I enjoyed working with children, so I finished here. In 1987 I started on the head of a rhetoric ring. Mr Košinár has also been retiring and rhetoric. Practically to the end. He died two years ago, and at the beginning of next year he would have lived 90. He already inserted that the ring is on the fifth Friday. And so we are today, on Friday the fifth day.

How do lullaby attract you?

Maybe it's because one has a # 39; extracting its small amount inside a gigantic globe. Not only is the spatial range, but also the time, the life of our amazing life is amazing. Well, this science has an interesting value – all the cosmetic structures, whether they are planets, comets, stars or nebulae and a spectacular galax are beautiful.

How many children go to the ring?

We have around 20 children, from young men to secondary school students. They come to us from a wide range, from Senice, but also from Gbelov, Radošoviec, Podbranča …

The school in Sobotista can influence the things that do not look at itself.

Photograph: Archive Svetozár Štefeček

What opportunities are there to bring forward further progress? Our aims for the development of rhetoric in our country are not big – it's not a wealthy source with space program, scientists have; Heavily paid … There is enough reasoning on the edge …

Well, none of my pupils are professional in the sky. It is true that these options are restricted here – the SAS, Hvězdáreň in Hurbanov, in the Tatras. One student has studied astronomy but is not happy. Used in computer science. But at the moment of leisure in astronomy, the majority of pupils, share themselves to their children, which is good.

Future science learning.

Photograph: Archive Svetozár Štefeček

What do you use to do on the rings? Are you searching something new or are you already in & # 39; confirming already known things?

We would have a different budget for new projects. So, yes, we are certifying what someone has ever seen. But it does not hurt. On the other hand, it is useful if children learn to work on these issues, and get procedures. And then, when they ever reach the highest workplace, to a better way, they can easily change.

How are you with money? Does the theater jobs seem to be costless, even binoculars need to keep up or not?

And, you need to have sights. They are deprecated, so they need to get the reflective laird over time by pressing their & # 39; hard metal. In addition to the ring, we also established a civil society of audio-visuals, so we get something from two of us; One hundred taxes, something from a member, some of the subsidies, something that is grateful to sponsors … We stand for it.

How has its chances and opportunities changed over the years from the beginning?

It is much longer. We know a lot more. Although we do not recognize a small number of current plans or sounds, today there are exoplanets and other new groups, impressive waves, and cosmetic structures that are unknown to date. And we can find these searches almost in real time.

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