It's around: A first movie trailer for Disney Artemis Fowl


It's about time, he says on his poster, and that's pretty good. Because of that Artemis Fowl just now – or more precisely: him 8 August 2019 – Making the jump to the screen screen, which is amazing now. Finally, Eoin Colfer's eight-episode legend is so familiar and practically for film change in conversation, since 2001, his first book came on his / her; market. But he did Disney and Kenneth Branagh. Disney earlier CinderellaDirector, to finalize this filming. And the first teaser design is even early enough!

"Artemis Fowl" Teaser 1 (engl.)

Artemis Fowl (Ferdia Shaw)'s two-year-old arteries stretches from a long line of offensive trees and hers; going to investigate his father, who was killed under secret circumstances. He discovers an ancient underground civilization – the world of fairies. Artemis comes to an end that there must be a # 39; disappearing despite his father being connected to this secret world and his / her; A dangerous plan setting – so dangerous that he finally gets himself in war with all-powerful fairies.

Lara McDonnell (Gràdh, Rosie – Maybe, maybe) playing Captain Holly Shor, a spiritual, spiritual fire that is removing Artemis to apply for gold fairy money. Stay in an underground fairy world in Haven City Judi Dench as Leader of Root, police chief of the LEPrecon fairies, and Josh Gad such as Mulch Diggums, a cluptomaniac dwarf who is trying to help with Holly rescue. Above the ground is Nonso Anonzie (Cinderella) as a defender of the bird family called Butler, Tamara Smart (Bad witch) as the daughter of Butler Juliet and Miranda Raison (Branaghs Massacre on the Orient Express) as Mrs. Artemis, Angeline. The role of Hong Chau remains unidentified (downsizing).


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