It's cold, so you do not have to possess it


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Strawberry meat is a lumpy lemon that is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, attractive and simple. A flavorful flavor is a & # 39; Combined in cheese, the spicy taste of the ginger sugar ginger gives you the enjoyment and warmth of you.

It is cold and the willows are filled with steamed meat - 1

Provision of materials:

– Skrews: 1 kg

– Vegetables: 7 belly

– ginger fresh 1/2 bulb

– Mutton 300g

– Sikh tape: 100g

– Mộc nhĩ: 3-4 items

– Pepper, salt, fish salt, chili powder.

How to do it:

Step 1: Enter the hunting

Washing stone, dried with gowns to gut 50-60 minutes for the house hunting to the ground. Replace the snail again and then cut a piece of the oak and then use the chopsticks to divide the hunting meat, the hunting shells that are clean to dry.

Use vinegar or salt to clear the meat and remove the slime and crawl.

It was cold and filled with mozzarella - 2

Step 2:

Loose is pushed and then cut. The grass lemon keeps clean until dry. Ginger, short ears, short oils, slices.

Step 3:

For ground meat, spring circle, lymphoma, lymphoma, onion, in a bowl there, add 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, 1 teaspoon of the fish sauce, 1/2 teaspoon of chili and a small bottle of potato, a & # 39 ; mix well. South Westerly

It was cold and filled with mozzarella - 3

Step 4:

Enter its "middle" curses in the middle of the page; holy mouth and insert the middle flesh in the middle. Then do so to the end of raw materials.

Step 5: Grabbing

The shooting is cooked and then stolen. When you eat with a sweet and delicious sauce with vegetables it's very happy.

Step 6: Make salt ginger

First, put the ginger, a garlic and 3 fruits of a sugar spoon chill in a small mortar, mix the mixture in a small bowl. Then add 4 seals of pure pure fish salts and 1 teaspoon of lemon. A beautiful bowl of ginger has a bowl for serving with a full hearth.

It is cold, and the snails are filled with lemon grass - 4

Photograph: Gu Chau Nguyen

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