Its company swarm confirmed a private place of more than $ 1 million on its website. unauthorized satellite box



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Warnings about "behavior similar to a herdsman" from private companies entering the race after having begun to bring US technology to an end to last year's historical purpose for a " launch invalid satellites.

Main points:

  • Start-up permits regarding concerns about monitoring satellites
  • A lowland vessel is still the "western wild" with little management, an expert warning
  • NASA has expressed a commercial interest in spatial research

$ Swarm Technologies has been costing $ US900,000 ($ 1.28 million) on December 21 for the launch of four small addresses in January 2018 after the Scottish Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refused a refusal of concerns about able to find them.

The Swarm research inquiry was used to use an unsuitable publishing company in India to find around the constraints, but it was captured when the troops returned to a US station in Georgia.

"We will aggressively invoke FCC requirements that companies will request the FCC authority before they begin to use and execute communication satellites and land stations," said FCC Head of Operations Bureau, Rosemary Harold.

"These important responsibilities are to protect other activists against radio attack and accidents, and make a safer place to work."

The Swarm website says it is trying to create a "world-class science satellite network".

It is believed to be a & # 39; the first company in the USA to be in & # 39; launches unauthorized satellites, about the level of smartphones, and the example of the historical fine is the example.

"The size of the compromised penalty may not be sufficiently important to prevent future behavior, but the vertical cover has been blocking its & # 39; this company and others from trying to do this again, "said FCC commissioner, Michael O'Rielly.

In addition to its distinction, the Blade also has a & # 39; monitors more rigorous control over FCC, and it is the responsibility of submitting pre-laberage information to the commission.

Herdsmen go back to a real risk situation & # 39;

The exhibition is historically and very good because there is a number that is An increasing number of private companies are looking to make a profit from doing it; room inspection.

NASA has recently received a wheelchair offer in the form of $ US2.6 billion ($ 3.7 billion) to private companies to get science and technology to the moon.

Scientist, Alan Duffy, said NASA had been involved in fostering this move away from a research initiated by a government.

"At some point, NASA welcomed genie from a bottle," he said.

"They are trying to achieve a commercial business without a business in business, companies need to come in and do what governments are trying again and hopefully It's better, cheaper, faster.

"It's also the problem that you are also getting a lot of the crop of the Culloden who is going to go on. Also the most It is important that you break or disable rules.

"Orbit is" Occidental "at this stage. There are no rules."

A number of private companies have been actively involved in exploring space in the last few years, especially SpaceX at Elon Musk, who successfully hit the US military satellite into the last year's orbit.

However, Professor Duffy stated that special differences in their process were a further start.

"For all of these comments on the company to be removed, they were only by NASA," he said.

"They used NASA engineers and continue to work with NASA safety regulations."

Both FCC and Professor Duffy commented that it was essential to manage private groups due to the real risks of the & positioning planes without consent, or inconsistent.

"If you do not stop this behavior that is similar to the herd now, then someone is being injured faster or longer , "he said.

"There is a reason that we need to direct communication … if a satellite is issued and the images they were struggling for managing forest fire, for example, lost serious problems there.

"Because there are not many people, that does not mean you can not hurt people down here."




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