It's free for PC, Mac and Linux for a very short time in Humble Bundle


The Spring of Spring came and the first encouraging impetus was for Honorable Origins. From today and for a short time you can download it Tacoma at totally impossible price: free.

The Odys has gone get back, a story that only takes 2 to 5 hours to complete. In fact, do not expect complicated fighting or riddles.

But, as we live at a futuristic space station, we will investigate a remarkably remarkable statement, recreating the story by maintaining and improving through t echo of times Team key.

The process of asking for our copy is quite simple: it's enough visit the Humble Bundle store, and with our associated account – we can create one for the event – ask the game with your 100% discount.

From there, and in a few minutes, a mail comes with which we can exchange a steam. It's so simple.

Humoma Humoma

Now, as before, this advert will be available for a short time: you need to on Saturday 23 marzo to get a free copy Tacoma. And, once you have Steam on your code, your game will always run.

Which a must not be lost. Do not leave it for the last minute. We give you a warning.

Further Information | Tacoma in a humble bible

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