"It's" God: Fallen Heroes "is the new work the team said" God of the Concept Basic ", Revenge Ms. Meredi is visiting you.


The Divinity series: Original Sin, has been described as highly praised by the players. Larian Studios presented a series of series, "Theology: A Warrior", which is expected to have a number of stages.

Depending on the content of the promotional video, "God: Hero Warrior" heroes "Mr Revenge" will turn Miley as the lead figure, leading the heroes to fight the evil forces in Bloodless, and follow the story of a story " t God: Original Sin 2 ".

Although a number of games have not been published and the release time is published, the game will be launched in 2019, where players can enjoy the RPG world with friends entering the Spirit. Time House.

"God: Fallen Heroes" is expected to be available on many platforms in 2019, and the time is not named.

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