It's hard, now they're throwing out, they are lie


Carmela Bárbaro opposed the DDM representative, who dismissed her because she did not want to renew a contract.

Buenos Aires Carmela Bárbaro and Luis Bremer are expected to travel from El Diario de Mariana to continue their stay, encourage people to speak. Is that from a visiting producer, Mandarina, made sure that either of them had been burned and they did not; leaving a risk "without renewal" because they have not received a cash agreement.

"They did not even want to negotiate," said Mandarin to the Exitoina website. As a result, the journalist came to the cross of his company authorities, through his Twitter account.

Unfortunately the draft, Carmela invaded everything on social networks. "As well as throwing me, they are dedicated to lies. A poem Take care," said the panel, saying: "In the same statement they say I did not sit down for negotiate, and I did not answer the second donation. There is something that can not be closed, they have not threw me out. They told me that they wanted me for the next year. And after that they wanted my way from the program. It was very clear. If not, it would not be the 31st and the first on the air, would not it? "

Fury: The company's clarity did not fall in love with the journalist, which was downloaded in networks.

After the incident, the draft release of the two journalists from the Mariana Fabbiani program has led to their views against the Mauricio Macri government again.


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