It's hard to miss Klemn's search: a week later he got a corpse at Krvavec



18. Nov. 2018 6:00 pm

It's hard to miss Klemn's search: a week later he got a corpse at Krvavec

Yesterday, around midnight, the police found a group of Klemn Musulin 36 of Trebnje, who was lost for a week, within a major search activity between Krvavec and Kokra. According to the Kranj Police Steering Group, its body was found at a height of about 1000 meters. They found out that he fell over the top, jumping around 20 meter rocky and died.

The police, in collaboration with other competent services, have been trying to find out what is needed from the missing report. Yesterday, in Krvavec, in collaboration with mountain rescuers, rescue dog guides, firefighters of volunteer societies and relatives needed, a major research campaign was carried out.

The search department was divided into 61 areas yesterday, which was inspected with 240 skilled researchers at 12 o'clock. One of the eleven areas was that they wanted alpine equipment and a high level of certificates of pubs. These areas were surveyed by mountain guards and mountain rescues.

According to the statement for the media after the end of the investigation, Janez Triler from the Mountain Kranj Rescue Service said that other groups from Tržič, Škofja Loka, Kamnik and Radovljica participated in Carniola. In his words, he proved to work well, as it was possible to investigate the whole area where those who could be.

In addition, the rescue careers took part in their activity by the four assistants. According to the guidance of Sebastjan Mohorič, this is the largest research campaign in the Gorenjska department in recent years. Due to many steep slopes, vines and admirable places, this method was very challenging, according to the Kropar Method of the Cerklje Fire Brigade.

A police helicopter was also used in the research process, which analyzed the most difficult areas to do; It could be in Krvavec, and a vehicle without a person.

Matej Brajnik of Kranj Police Administration said he had been searching for an unexplored area and is far from the normal routes. After the first procedures, the person who died was insured and was taken to the glen, he explained.

For Trebnje's 36-year Miùulain, he lost all herring on the night on Saturday, when he started to walk from Krvavec to his glen only from the official party. Already on Saturday, a massive survey was carried out with around 70 people, and was not received by phone.

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