It's hard to work when you do not know if there is money –


The leader of the Arsenal-Kiev coach Vyacheslav Grozny is not sure about the future of the capital team.


November 27, 2018 01:22

– You have to work in teams at the top of the stops. How comfortable is it to work in Arsenal-Kiev?

– And I can say: I'm very uncomfortable. It's very hard to work when you do not know if there is money, will the team go to the way out? I do not understand which shareholders, what will be in funding?

We do not know what tomorrow. As a coach, it is hard for me to work in a situation where many people hang on you. At least open your soul, do ten work a day – and players need to give money to their family, they can not play for free.

In some way you must understand some financial sustainability. I do not know every situation, I will not block her & # 39; club.

I understand that there are many big problems. I do not know how the solution will be. I would really like to be resolved. It's very hard to work, because the players play it; Understand: yourself, the coach, train, but you do not give money.

They do not see stability, they do not & # 39; See what will happen tomorrow, they understand that they can play two other games, and then they start, you do not have to.

I did not think, to be honest, that I would work in Ukraine. I have a number of foreign ideas, I'm considering, "said Vyacheslav Grozny.

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