It's in little & # 39; Zhao I'm turning to & # 39; bulkhead & # 39; destroy a friend Huang Xiaoming?


The social network has recently released the information Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming have split but they are not officially named. This information, not only does a couple say that these two words must be difficult, but also without a supporter; feeling so spectacular.

Huynh Xiaoming's fast-running rooms came about a poor stock but Baby did not lift up the voice, supporting her husband in the middle of the stormy, Angela Baby often leave without at an important time of the family, and also Track. Vy has confirmed that her couple have lost the road to the very frightening and worried people.

Human face Huang Xiaoming

In the genuine marker, a recent picture of the incredible event followed by a couple's fans was unhappy. Looking at the picture is & # 39; shows, Huynh Xiao Ming and Angelababy will not sit next to each other sitting in the middle, Enigma Zhao Wei.

Always attached as a shadow with its member, This pair of pairs can be difficult to understand the audience. Previously, even in any situation where the two are always famous in love; emerging. This also shows truth about the marriage of Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy's hiatus.

Zhao Wei is between Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy.

Huang Xiaoming appeared alone

Angelababy singles at the event

Zhao Wei "Little little"

Couple couple memories are also seated separately

Previously, there was a third party in the relationship between Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy, who had been unsure. Despite the facts that are in fact, emerge in the newspapers, Xinjiang has no share or justice, the latest Zhao Wei is the latest. Standing in front of the motions about her, answered Mrs. Hoan Chau's Princess Princess one sentence: "Long ago, people were traveling." So, just by a short sentence from Zhao Wei, fans can ignore the relationship between Huang Xiaoming and her husband.

Huang Xiaoming – Luc Na Stock Barantasan

However, Huynh Xiaoming is still not an official response despite a growing increase in the newspaper. A couple of fans hope that both of them will be breaking the rooms.

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