It's in the Vietnam Vietnam project but why is a new MV of Bich Phuong who? see the color full "thousand and one night"?


My "sister" was the ultimate MV at the heart of the Vietnam Vietnam "Bich Phuong project" on its expectations in the last two years. This project was made by Bich Phuong and the 3-song team, together with 3 MVs with Vietnam stamp from music to image, with the desire to conserve and distribute the traditional heritage of the country in co- context. An international culture influences the Vpop market.

It can be said that the true spirit in the two MVs is "Spoon of another, not hurt my heart". Both modern music has a variety of traditional musical instrument sounds, and the perspectives are including Vietnam's culture strategy, from uniform to everyday activities. South Westerly

In "Do not harm my heart," the team introduced the spectacular scenes of the Waterfall Goat Ban (Cao Bang) through the wonderful scenes, and the " national culture through population repetition. Traditional Dao wedding … In the "love scenes", Vietnam has traditional traditions such as garment, sewage, and aunt; play umbrellas … well distributed.

"Love Bubble" – Bich Phuong

MV "Love each other, hurt your heart" – Bich Phuong

However, the MV "Acquiring me" again makes it difficult to understand "different" image compared to the previous two. Instead of expecting to continue with the Vietnamese image, this MV is led by Kien Ung and creative Denis Dang director to create an Indian style concept with color … "one thousand and one night" South

MV You're building me – Bich Phuong

Initially, it is about to build its & # 39; context. The rooms in the MV are evident at the same time as the world's architecture, a colorful window-room window room and Persia design. They are all decorated with great, amazing, wonderful, wonderful.

The next page is the jewelery and jewelery of Bich Phuong and the actors in the MV. They are all in a deep, low-key position, click on the bills with specific symbols such as red dots or pearls between the middle of the face. In addition, only for Bich Phuong, most of the other characters in "piety", especially the traditional KiNa old woman's clothing in the girls in India with a plot. The male driver in money in the MV also sends messages on both sides of the Indian guys.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV of Phuong Bich for seeing the whole moon one night? - Picture 5.

Thickness and shape of the character in the Middle East heavy MV color.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV of Phuong Bich for seeing the whole moon one night? - Picture 6.

Persia's architecture and beauty patterns are across the main scenes.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV of Phuong Bich for seeing the whole moon one night? Picture 7.

The phrase "snake" refers to Indian culture.

The image of the child's dragon is considered to be patterned in western mythical films.

Many observers decided that they would have been involved in an "upgrade" of the story from the Campeon's fairy tale, after the Bich Phuong rescue. As part of a Vietnamese culture is closer to the name of a sister as the title of the song. If the story of a production phase is based on the Phase Pha concept, the team may bring an interesting color to this well-known story, and that it captures Vietnamese's lively vision easily through The project.

If you look over the overall view, this project does not. Vietnam stamp. Under the title "Sister Lift Up", the Vietnamese idioms familiarize the team to make an interesting subject in music. The content of the song goes forward to the love of the sisters, each other in her; life. This is a beautiful culture of our people from time to time, to be seen in the fairy tales.

In general, most spectators still have a & # 39; praises Phuong Bich and a team with MV, on the November show race. This is considered to be a completely different taste of listening and to look compared to the general output that will be launched at the end of the year.

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