It's Liam – again: these are the highest baby names of B.C. in 2018


Many expectations of Liams and Olivias in her & # 39; nursery class in 2023.

Basic Statistics B.C. gave the numbers to the most famous baby names in 2018, and Liam took the best place for boys, and Olivia called the best girls for the second year in the series.

Olivia has been working hard for a while now – the name of the best girls for six of the last seven years. Liam was last in 2013.

This year Olivia is followed by Emma, ​​Amelia, Charlotte, Chloe, Ava, Sophia, Isla, Emily and Hannah. All those names also appeared in the top 10 in 2017.

Isla is the only new thing for the best 10 for girls.

And Leo is scrapped into the tallest 10 for boys for her & # 39; first time.

Liam has stopped Benjamin for the gold in 2018, with Lucas and Oliver raising money and bronze. They are followed, in sequence, by Benjamin, Ethan, Noah, Logan, William, James and Leo.

According to the data, 40,565 babies were born in B.C. in 2018 – 19,821 girls and 20,774 boys – 4,129 fewer babies born in 2017.

But plastics give note-to-date permission – maybe it's time to start with a # 39; extracts Liam and Olivia's tricycle fragments.

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