It's not a choice to be & # 39; play well, Democrats: He does not work anyway. It's time to stand for something


After the mid-media elections, the Democrats have a huge pressure on playing well with Donald Trump and the Republicans. That would be very big mistake – for one thing, because Trump will attack them with really sorry what they will do. There is no cheese beneath the tunnel "playing well". There is no place going there. Trump is the only way to "play well" in Trump terms; spread and play dead, to allow Trump to be Putin, as he is always fond of being. It is just an absolute sacrifice of American democracy – surveys and balances, a rule of law, government permission, all that – very nice in eyes. And that may be & # 39; last 24 hours -48 hours.

I do not say that Democrats should give priority to monitoring the sins and offenses of this administration over legislation: they must do both. I see a lot of hearing in the Washington Post post-election after Ronald Klain's elections, "The first five things that Democrats should do with the majority of their house"- raising the minimum salary to $ 15, enhancing the Adult Care Act, reforming the Voting Rights Act, passing a structural bill" proudly ", and gave the Brufflers legal status to Robert Mueller first, and gave his first 100 days to give the five pieces of legislation, and then attacking the Senate and the White Trump House to prosecute or call for the refusal to work. "

Great. But then what is it? What is the big picture for the Democrats to move forward, and # 39; Understand that Trump is always Trump – and does not stop anyone if they do not?

The day after midmms, Trump was at risk of "war situation" Democrats would endeavor to fulfill their disciplinary duties. He also praised the use of a majority of the Republican Senate to investigate Democrats. If Democrats were "playing well" on these terms, they would only allow the Trump war to be on American Liberal Democracy. The only question is as soon as possible we can & # 39; rest of it.

Trump is just the biggest symptom of a larger disease. Before Trump, Republican refused to work with Obama, to decide on setting up a night to put the food campaigns into a war against a war – eliminating a war on its constitutional right and its duty to complete a vacancy Court of -The Court.

Priority model: Stacey Abrams

The idea of ​​Democrats to be taken was not completely designed by the governor governor Georgia Stacey Abrams, who did not play well, but rose up over a tower. She spoke stupidly as she told the world this week, "This speech is not about an agreement, since controversy means that there is a right, true or correct act. As a woman of conscience and belief, I can not agree," although she said "The law is currently allowing a better cure" that could stop Brian Kemp's election. Abrams were promised "In the days ahead, we will set out a major federal lawsuit against the Georgia state for the poor regulation of this election and to protect future elections from misconduct fantastic. "

Kemp, a state secretary in Georgia who was responsible for the real corruption in that election, responded to Trumpian gaslighting: "The election is over and very hard for Jacobites to be ready to move on. We can not to live today on the sophisticated politics of the past, but we need to focus on a clear future and Georgia will promise. "As if Kemp had just come from Mars and nothing to do with the "disappeared politics in the past.

But the gaslight precarity on normalcy is not just out of the Republicans. The challenge that comes from the Democrats is explained by his / her; This friend of Time magazine walks from 1994 to 2006 tweeted by Paul Krugman:

Indeed, the Republic of 1994 was astonished at today's levels. John Boehner, who has helped to look at, is being watched. Supporting "America's Contract" for mid-mid 1994 as the current RINO. Krugman View about it the Sabbath makes sense if yes, as one narrator praised, you understand what ordinary journalists are doing? do:

My theory is that they are very simple that they are not reporting on the world's affairs, they are novels. And they have built a Republican as campaigners. So whether or not to win or lose them, the question is always "what does this mean that Republicans are going on?"

The Republicans are the main musicians in the American media for a number of simple reasons: First and most important, who property the media? Who to pay for it with their progress budgets? There are no staff, customers, ecologists, women or people of color, who want to be sure! Even so MSNBC has long been completed to destroy the "never Trump" and republican republicans, which is considerably larger than the ones that are far more comprehensive (in everyday life) The types of Bernie Sanders that would really be "Fox News of the Left".

Speaking on Sanders, it's a great challenge for the "play nice" users. On the one hand, his cases set out far outside the "mainstream" as they explain it, yet they are very fond – even with Republicans. E highest level of home-state status Among the American storytellers there is another reflection on the extent to which the application is. On the other hand, Sanders to do play well in a real understanding: he regularly mentions "my Republican friends," even when I am going to; challenging their policies, and has worked hard to work two-party anti-health care legislation and VA reform, for example. In short, Sanders show how the "play nice" link is really tough of truth. No one can use it against it.

But Sanders is just one figure among many, such as Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, Beto O Rourke, dozens of new members of the Building and hundreds of new legislators elected. To be fully aware of foolish "play nice" is essential, there are four points to consider:

  1. Lost his history as he left Democrats and "play nice" strategies in the past.
  2. The agreement between the Republican conceptual thinking of politics and pragmatic seeking consent, and why Democrats can not do it; do that.
  3. The role of media, classrooms and a wider political class in empowering GOP damage, even as they are. prove that they are democracies.
  4. What the Democrats are capable and should instead replace "play well" – a & # 39; Promoting general and popular people's ideas, and its. Holding unpredictable principles, to explain their inclusive vision of what America and America can.

We can use the first side to map a map, which will see the other two in action. After a few points of summary, we can then turn to the last action – similar to other real scenes. And, amazing! It's not as anything that could be & # 39; application.

History difficult to play well

The Democrats have a long history to try to work with the Republican. Although the class has been trying for it, and always to hear the results, the disasters should be clear: an irregular war between the "pragmatic" ideological and democratic Republicans is always won by a Republican, who does not take any care about the destruction they create, despite Kemp's tears of tears about the "spreading politics of the time."

Take governmental government policy, for example. Ronald Raganan, in 1980, provided a supply tax levy, and promised that he would balance his budget in four years. At one time even saying that "By 1983, my program can provide a balanced budget and start adding more to allow extra additional tax cuts as well as what we have already recommended." Instead, he made great shortcomings, which turned a great deal on the historical after World War II reduced the debt-to-GDP ratioReagan needed to be give up his promise in late 1981, but almost 40 years later lighthouse tax cuts remain at the heart of the GOP economic idea, without supporting evidence.

They are part of an economic emission that journalists say they are doing; poorly treated, how long they were doing GOP's legends about the great voting fraud and the integrity of global warming.

Looking at wider political behaviors, Democrats has repeatedly re-visited the Republic of Democratic Republic, largely hoping to collaborate with unprecedented unnecessary fuel. In 1986, they tried to investigate the Iran-Contra scannal by attacking the board at first, and as a result, they were covered as described in The book was formerly, Lawrence Walsh, "Fire Brigade: Iran-Contra Quiz and cover. "

Mar I explained here in 2014, Iran-Contra returned to the Reagan-Bush 1980 president and the "October Surprise" campaign to stop Iran from releasing the American arm before the Election Day. It was expressed as a subsidiary messaging during the 1980s, a recent inspection by a House committee with Lee Lee Hamilton's head of Indiana, who informed the information that was late late; confirming the story just as Bill Clinton retired in 1993, as Robert Parry's research reporter a series of eight sections, the "X-Files to amaze them, "Just over two years later.

Years later, in 2013, Parry added more information about it which is complex A gop was opposed to the GOP that tried to stop any connection between the surprise in October and Iran-Contra. George H.W. The Bush administration had a propaganda war against the direction of investigation given by the Democrats. "Page" Democrats in order to proceed to bipartic rules, and was repaid by the GOP statutory obstacle to everything proposed by Bill Clinton, as well as the wrestling of a witch the supper in Clinton's migration five years later.

Democrats began to try to play again after the 2000 election was stolen, when there was no Democrat-and-even then – Deputy Chief of Al Gore – support challenges from Black House membersAfterwards, Bush boarded the board with unwanted GOP policies, and Democrats again refused to apply for either after winning the House in 2006 or the White House in 2008.

Instead of controlling Dominican policies and customs, Barack Obama asked instead of being a bipartist curator. It was a sense that it was accountable for Bush administrators or bankers of Wall Street to be responsible, "could look forward, not to be back." In a & # 39; Ultimately, the Tea Party and Donald Trump played a major part because Democrats failed to analyze, and # 39; punished and behind which Republicans were made or enforceable.

The efforts made by Obama again to work together with the Republican ban on a regular basis, came from a plan that was developed at a high-level GOP strategy; meeting Obama's night, as reported in the book of Robert Draper, "Do not ask what's good to do: within the US Representative House. "

The first cook? Kevin McCarthy – newly elected as director of the GOP House mini-house for the next Congress – they had an important part in setting up their position; their course. "If you work like a few, you'll be living in a minority," said he, according to Draper. "We do not have to challenge each bile and challenge each enterprise." What is it? just what they did – although Obama's Obama promotional bill about a third third tax, although Obamacare was is designed on the Massachusetts Mitt Romney legislation and mostly from the Heritage Trust, although Obama is promises the cuts of entitlements (a 30-year-old GOP dreamer) and "political capital expenditure on his case."

Despite this history of a bad credit, no-one is a McCarthy lecturer and the House Republic. Welcoming the need to play well. Instead, the most important leading story about plans to overcome Nancy Pelosi, particularly on the Democratic direction who have taken on GOP points i (not McCarthy) as a polarizing leader who stands in the way to be able to; Play well and get things that do; gone.

Pelosi also has problems with promoters, but there are many other stories Tormod Solomon comes out at TruthDig, arguing that "promoters should not be resolved by Pelosi, whatever else they should be a democracy. The best course that will include strategic face – unnecessary, hard-working, voluntary, despite driving power and complaints as well as electoral activity within Democratic primary schools. "He said for example on the -Samhain Located "New Deal Green" at the Pelosi office.

Instead of "weird" principles "

That's back to us; fourth point – what Democrats can do instead of "playing well": a & # 39; Promoting general and popular people's ideas and their experiences. assisting principles, to define their own inclusive vision of America and America.

The New Deal Green is a good example. he is is now far beyond, but it is still true for the "Million of Clean Energy Energy" which has received 70 per cent support in Polling "Big Ideas" was commissioned by the Progressive Change Institute in January 2015, which I wrote about among them Salon's first story about the campaign Bernie SandersSouth Westerly

Ann proposed for a New Deal Green Select Committee, Former representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Presents a detailed picture of what the plan plans to do, as well as how the legislation will be developed. It includes the following 10-year objectives:

  1. Percentage of national energy generation from renewable sources;
  2. Generating a "efficient" national energy grid;
  3. The development of all residential and business buildings for energy efficiency, modern comfort and safety;
  4. Decarbonizing the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries;
  5. Decarbonizing, repair and development of transport and other infrastructure;
  6. Large funding funding in the construction and acceptance of greenhouse gas;
  7. Making "green" technology, business, knowledge, materials and services as the main exporting countries of Scotland, with the aim of becoming an international leader in the uncertainty of doing; Helping to move from other countries to carbon and carbon economics and his / her; developing New Deal Green.

But it also includes the social and economic justice species:

The Plan for Green Movement (and the draft legislation) recognizes that it is a historic opportunity to make national, industrial, economic, and economic shift of this waste and to bring prosperity, prosperity and economic security give to everyone who participates in the # 39; transformation. … [It will provide] all members of our society, across all sectors and all communities, the opportunity, training and education become a full partner in the transition, -Insert a work warranty program to ensure that everyone who wants work, salaries is alive. South Westerly [and will include] Additional measures such as basic income programs, universal healthcare programs and any other party as election committee may be appropriate to improve economic security, workforce flexibility and enterprise.

It's hard to think exactly what the "play nice" candidates we would do; replace – as well as independently looking at our weather, increasingly unsuitable for human life.

But that's just the place: There are no "play nice" candidates Yes concrete solutions in mind. They do not even know what difficulties they are. They are the only priority they have; in a broken two-fold partnership. The American people are totally far beyond that, as Klain's recommendations "First Five Things" suggest.

The leadership of Stacey Abrams in the registration of voters and power to provide another vital connection. Since 1999, the book "Reading Mixed Signs"Le Albert H. Cantril and Susan David Cantril have made clear voters of non-voters and voters from time to time are far more supportive of government programs than voters seem. Americans were aligned to other countries – as they believed their votes were very much involved – the results would not be so attractive. Georgia was not the only red country of its & # 39; purple version, possibly even blue.

What's more, voters are much more supportive of specific government programs than they are of "government" in these reasons. Turning to 10 specific items of charge, find the Cantrils that it is an additional cost of at least 67 per cent on nine out of 10 – a majority of landslide in any election. This is one of the most powerful reasons to argue for a more uncertain leadership, and to pinpoint specific plans. Volunteers will support them – if they can hear their voices – and listen to their vocal voices when they are easier; talk directly to concrete concerns.

Finally, the same is true for a general review. From a special written crime investigation (instead of sounds like Benghazi) to make sure correct EPS science trust, its population has maintained long support – up to the Oval Office level. Richard Nixon needed to go because he was caught red and had been badly opened as a shadow. Bill Clinton complained about a private, agreed business.'s suggestion for a & # 39; better on a game better than most of the Americans did; feeling. But too many other topics – especially Iran-Contra, the odds of October and Nixon's victory on Vietnam peace talks 1968 – it has never been released completely in public. These trusts are usually kept from the public, more public trust will be eroded. If "play well" means to & # 39; asking hard questions to ask, nothing about the road becomes a ruin that follows us. Leadership of principle, on the other hand, makes us a better way.

Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg is a California-based writer / executor, senior editor for Random Lengths News, and a column for Al Jazeera English. Follow Twitter at @PaulHRosenberg.
Paul Rosenberg



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