"It's not a tandem ruling pilot that's in. pilot »


If you want to be a tandem, you must give a theoretical and practical test. Applicants must prove themselves in aeronautics, meteorology, legislation and regulations, material science and flying use. In addition, they have to have at least 30 high airs to enter. Three exams will keep all stages in the practical shows.

The tests will note whether the pilot is a n; 5-point inspection: before starting, it must ensure that safety is maintained. Is the helmet and acne seated? Are all the supports closed? For this, the loops and lines are explored. How is the screen? Was the wind turning? Is the proposed starting range free? It is only when all those points are answered in the confirmation that the start starts begins. Then several movements have to be moved.

If the pilot passes the test and obtains the tandem permit, no further tests will be followed. There are no annual exams. But: "We regularly visit these companies," a & # 39; stressing the associated director Christian Boppart.

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