It's not Karel Gott now. The Seicans on Peter Sagan have been chosen for famous people of the century


A Slovakic hit a number of Czech artists

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Bratislava. In the 1950s Karel Zeman made a very modern film The Invention of Destruction and is still considered by the best directors in the world.

Karel Čapek is the name of the Czech literature, Vladimír Menšík has been as big as the love of Czech and Slovak audiences.

However, none of them were entitled to the port for the readers of Celebrity Century Poll readers.

All famous figures of the Czech and Slovak culture affected one athlete – Peter Sagan.

Journalists wanted to celebrate 100 years from Czechoslovakia. Person electors raised every ten years. Then they chose a complete winner in the final ankety.

Karel Gott did not get a & # 39; final

There were over 45,000 people involved in the vote. The Saganov score was undoubtedly.

No one was more foolish than the Slovakian rider in our area, thinking about more than ten thousand people.

Celebrity has defined as a person who has achieved high profile, respect, awareness, and attracting media attention.

Perhaps Meradlom may not be considered for it, but interested in the public to learn more about it.

In some decades, it was a good fight; there.

Marta Kubisova started, for example, Karel Gott in 1958 – 1968. Karel Čapek had more votes in the years 1928 – 1938 than Jan Werich.

And Zdeněk Svěrák was hitting Joker Jágra's hockey player.

The sacks were bigger

Most people in the last decade of 2008 – 2018.

In addition to Petra Sagan, the vote in this decade has been a sporting choice such as Ester Ledecká, which came with two gold medals from this year's Olympics, Martina Sábliková, Barbora Špotáková no Eva Samková.

The Czech chess Karel Kovář, actors Vojtěch Dyk and Anna Geislerová, singers Ben Cristovao, Zdeněk Piškula and Mikolas Josef were not lost as well as Leos Mares moderator.

Patrick Sagan did not vote the same Sackcore in the last ten years.

Several Slovenian musicians were nominated for: actors Ján Koleník, Diana Mórová, Táňa Pauhofová, Dano Dangl, Vica Kerekes and singers Emma Drobná and Celeste Buckingham and the Rytmus rapper.

However, the Slovakian cyclist defeated recent cultural figures not only for ten years, but throughout the centuries of Chzechoslovakia. Maybe it's like a shoumen.

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