It's officially, Samsung will put his hidden galaxy on 20 February


The news was made for a few weeks, it is now official. Throughout a tweet, Samsung has confirmed that its printing phone will continue on February 20. The same Galaxy F (for Fold) will be named along with the Galaxy S10 in San Francisco.

Register capable of replacing in half

In November during its conference developers, Samsung had a Galaxy packaged short under shells, just for a little secret. The Korean has published technical features, such as the size of the screen (unlocked) of its device. Plotted, this model showed a tray of a 4.58 inch tray. Open, it showed a large screen of 7.3 inches, capable of simultaneously presenting up to three requests. A mobile phone capable of turning into your menu in a way.

In his tweet, Samsung uses the same Corrective characters as the ones they have already used on advertising posters, and # 39; including Place de la Concorde in Paris. We read the message "The future appears", as the tweet is made about the maker.

A week before its conference in San Francisco, Samsung has confirmed that information from Wall Street Journal has been named Galaxy Galaxy for 20 February. is available to bring you into the device, as well as Galaxy S10.

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