"It's on line": Germany's riots over Rammstein's video about the Jewish Holocaust | Arts and Culture


The German heavy rock band Rammstein he was wild and hard criticized after it was published promotional video where his members appear prominently in prison as a concentration camp.

In the piece, which the band put out on Twitter on Tuesday, Rammstein members have some links about the necks and they are decorated in clothing they would have to endure the people Holocaust in camps destroying Nazi rule.

At least one member of the band is wearing David's Yellow Starsymbolic that the Nazis used the Jews. Jewish groups and video politicians quickly disrupted Germany, saying the band had gone out too long.

"With this video, the band has gone online"Charlotte Knightoch, Thursday in the newspaper Bild, the Holocaust lifeblood and president of the German Jewish Council said. "Bringing in and out is the victory of the Holocaust, as can be seen in the picturesque", he said.

This kind of address "Prisoners of a condemned prisoner camp tell of passing a red line", said, for his part, the commissioner for the anti-Semitism by the Federal Government, Felix Klein, to Bild. If this was just an advance, it would be "Using bad arts freedom".

Knobloch, spokesperson for the Iolaire Monument in Jerusalem; Yad VashemHe also asked for a coherent approach to the murderers' Jewish memory. Yad Vashem does not normally criticize the artwork looking at images of the Holocaust, he told that newspaper. Artistic representation may be legitimate. However, you should not want to neglect it, to be irritable or to forget the Holocaust memory, and this should not be too bad. "Mere machine" to draw attention.

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