Its planet will Land; reaching the highest asteroid today – 03/01/2019


This Thursday, January 3 is marked on a calendar of space lovers. The land is located in perihelion, closer closer to the Sun in the & # 39; Its annual orbit, which creates the fastest speed, and # 39; accelerated 3,420 kilometers per hour above the average.

The Earth will go around the sun, describes an orbit of 930 million kilometers, at an average speed of 107,280 kilometers per hour, which means traveling a distance in 365 days and almost 6 hours; So, a jump is counted every four years.

However, according to the second law of Kepler, that translation rate changes, and increases to be higher in perihelion (the shortest distance to its Sun) with 110,700 kilometer per hour and reduce to reduce the situation, with 103,536 kilometers per hour.

According to estimates, The expectations will come on 5th July this year.

Kepler realized that the line bound the planets and the Sun to cover the same range in the same time. This means when the planets are near to; sunshine in their way they move faster than they are far away.

So, planet orbital velocity is lower when it is at a distance beyond the sun, and at lower speeds the orbital velocity is higher. The average speed of the sun has been an average of 150 million kilometers. In induction it reaches 152.09 million kilometers and is at risk it will dropped to 147.10 million kilometers away.

Source: DPA

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