"It's scary." NASA showed how the world feels


MOSCOW, 11 March – RIA News. NASA produced a video that recorded “music” the world, which was created from world-class data.

Scientists have re-modeled a collection of orienteering trips built by Hubble telescope using Wide Field Camera camera. The stars and the astronomical stars were given short and clear tones, while spiral shortages got long sounds with different views.

"This may be the most extraordinary type of music you have ever heard," – note at the same time.

The internet users' screen seemed to look like a sign, but "gave them hospitality".

"Is it just frightening me?" he asked @ rAsi0l.
Other was explained cosmic music as "rare and tense".
"This table is a bit scary to me and it reminds you of the sounds you hear when you're under water" thinking about @NoraNoragallego.
"It's like the real Pink Floyd", – t He wrote @TairratChar.
"Something interesting, but worrying to some," – he spoke @ Michael91027018.
"This is a bit that does not do it," says @ IFOS9000 is your opinion.

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