"It's so amazing that they get to obey their flag."


A collection of pictures of street guns that attacked the Saigon streets with foreign photographers that have been divided significantly after 11 years.

In recent days, the CSGT collection robbers on the Saigon streets over 11 years ago redistributed social networks quickly and quickly attracted attention. BPhotographs by the photographer Dave Mac a 'Mhaoilein were photographed badly on the street and decided to record those times.

The author attacks CSGT images in Saigon for 11 years ago: It's amazing because they can confirm his & her; banner to give surrender - Picture 1.

The photograph was taken by the photographer in Saigon for 11 years. Screenshot.

The picture collected a CSGT view against the control, confirmation and success of the raid, who threatened to; cuts kill. According to the photographer, there is the confidence and trouble of two Traffic soldiers to capture two armed forces with weapons to leave him a deep idea.

Although the photograph was taken in 2007, however, after 11 years, on 24 November 1818, the photographer suddenly redesigned the entire conversation course around her & # 39; banner immediately. on the Saigon street. "This is how you talk to a person who is suspected of a law enforcement expert!", the photographer wrote.

Photographer Dave Mac a Millenin – who has been in & # 39; staying in Vietnam for 15 years. Picture: NVCC.

According to the photographer Dave MacMillan, the accident crashed on 9 NovemberOn 23/11/2007 on Thai Van Lung Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, and armed robbers. in the people who made them, with knives and knives. After a woman's wife was stolen on the road and then ran away, two robbers were instantly inserted with two policemen, They hit their bikes up and down the roadSouth Westerly

One of the two robbers suddenly sank after being stolen on his & her; phone on the Saigon streets.

One of the two was quickly controlled, and the other man ran away and was tied in a road. At this time, in the same line, the robber gave the rifle on his neck, his & her; threatened the police force to commit suicides if he did not want to escape. Seeing the robber, the CSGT young people have been on their way; Try to express words as they invade their band that surpasses a terrible surrender later.

After being posted on the network, CSGT's photo collection is a & # 39; handle not only to show the brave and powerful CSGT partners, but also the photographer has saved a life icon Old Saigon 1 decades ago.

The band added to the camera: I would kill himself in front of this foreign man!

Contact Dave MacMillan, said he was 15 years old in Vietnam. He learned Vietnam's culture and culture before coming here.

"I've been living in Vietnam since 2003 but I've been learning Vietnam's language and culture for about 30 years now. The first book I read when I was six or seven about Vietnam. I started learning with a tight teacher from Hanoi, as I have taken control of me. In daily life, I always want to; Trying to learn with the desire to be able to become fluent in Vietnam. You have to understand that I'm hearing more than saying and there are times when I'm an unexpected. I am old and in general I feel that listening is invaluable. "

About the seats of photographs that I recorded for 11 years ago, Dave MacMillan photographer said he was surprised when the photograph had so much attention from the public. At the same time, he also said It appears to have happened ten years ago, but it is still remembered as an amazing moment.

"When I was in the place, a young man holding a gun on his neck and in a position with the ECG. To see me pick up the camera, burn the thing immediately , "I will kill for himself This foreign man. "Seeing the topic, the police moved forward not to do so, and put all the attention to stop this young person to do self-kill. "

The author attacks CSGT images in Saigon for 11 years ago: it's amazing because they can confirm his / her; banner to give surrender - Picture 4.

The subject says that the photographer wants to build a picture otherwise that he will kill himself.

The photographer also said that the young man who kept the army on his finger on his finger; camera, "If this stranger does not stop hunting, I will kill myself."After receiving a single business, the photographer asked another area so that it would not affect the capture of the active forces, "At that time, I went back to the road to pull the pictures from senior posts so that it did not affect the capture of the CSGT banner."

After that, the object of a continuous knife on the neck was the danger that he would kill himself if he was not released immediately

"The cop is one of my legal enforcement actions I ever know.", the photographer Dave Mac a 'Mhaoilein recites how he & she; remember what has happened 11 years ago.

"This is the worst time I've ever seen, and put all of its energy and calm on the face of an emotional state and hope. One of the witnesses said ; the criminal can save his life, but it was amazing that the CSG was given to the subject to surrender., Australian Designer is divided.

The CSGT values ​​these memories

I would like to see the minutes you noted, the Australian photographer kept the series carefully and shared with everyone. Then 11 years later, while he was reviewing the photographs that were photographed and posted on Facebook at the time of his daughter's birthday, the photographer suddenly appeared on back to the photo series.

However, due to his intelligence and inspiration, the object took his sword

Later on, CSGT carried out the outbound object to the station.

"To cMy sweetheart was born in October 2007 and recently her birthday was so and I went through the pictures. After reviewing the memories of my daughter, I saw those pictures unfortunately. That day on November 23, an anniversary of the robber's 11th birthday and so I decided to share on my personal page ", photographer Dave Mac a 'Mhaoilein said.

The event attracted many people in Saigon, a comprehensive survey

The author attacks CSGT images in Saigon for 11 years ago: it's amazing because they can confirm his / her; banner to give surrender - Picture 9.

The statue of the brave CCP at that time was recorded by the photographer. According to Dave, at that time, the CSGT was very sensitive to burning, however, because he was looking at his / her. banner to drop his sword, so the police officer almost did not care for him.

In addition, the photographer also said happily, after the photo has been shared widely, he has contacted CSGT partners – who have been treated and betrayed the Execution gasmith for 11 years ago.

Lieutenant Nguyen Dang Thanh (34 years old) is currently working at Tan Son Nhat Police Station (Railway and Rail Policing Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police). Over the past 15 years, Thanh and his companions have also been searching, and & quot; helping and indirectly with many other troops involved in robbery.

Theo David MacMillanCapt has a great interest. Thanh and he values ​​these memories.

Share more with us, what does this photographer enjoy in Vietnam because close relatives are off. "The best thing I like is to climb mountains in Vung Tau and visit my friends there, especially what I'm worried about and to scare me. "

Speaking of plans in the future, the photographer said he wanted to add to his / her; better society. "I also want to show how the emigrant's community is living hard and talented. At the same time, I also want to help Vietnamese students find more opportunities to find work so that they can look at their abilities as well as talent. ", Mr Dave said.

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