Its weight-weight is a & # 39; reduce medication out of their packet. Crude material is a raw material; including carcinogens! Food and Drink Administration provided 2.28 million newspapers – News Times China


The stress that reduces cure out of its & # 39; pack! The Food and Drug Administration today announced that the carcinogenic substance of NDEA's animals used valsartan genetic drugs used in the 80-mg and 160-mg results of the "Compact Film Ingot" made by Taiwan Jianya Biotech Co., Ltd. At this time, 2.28 million tablets of the two drugs will be removed from the shelves, and people are asked the drugs to have a problem of blood despite the sooner & # 39; as well as the doctors who can consider clothing changes.

In June this year, Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. a non-incredible sub-product of "N-nitrosodimethylamine" (NDMA) as a result of its own changes in the treatment process. The European Medicines Agency published a warning that NDMA's long-term use could be possible. As a result of cancer, the Food and Drugs Administration has investigated drugs that reduce home blood pressure in July, and in August, it has been successful in reducing the risk of eating. removing 24.21 million drugs that reduce blood pressure from Huahai.

Today, the Food and Drugs Administration has stated that it has investigated the use of household materials and tests made. He found that 22 bats of "tablet covered by a 80 mg tension film" and three batches of "tablet related to 160 mg tension film" from Jian Ya Biotech. In the vast valsartan aqueduct made in India, the raw material containing "N-nitrosodiethylamine" (NDEA) inequality, which has been determined by the European Union for animal carcinogenic to be included, that is, it will be removed from the shelf. South Westerly

Hong Guodeng, head of the Food and Drug Administration drug group, said that the drug product made by the drug factory was not imported from Taiwan "Jianya Biotechnology Co., Ltd." and it was made as "clips covered by a film tensioning 80 mg". No. 056320), stronghold 30 July, 111, and the "tightly stabilized 160 film" number (DH 056318), valid for the Chinese Republic on November 4, 108.

Hong Guodeng said that the two things that use the problem are to reduce the API audio with 81,000 boxes and up to 2.28 million albums, which will be recycled and will be recycled by 19 December . A department is market of the two problem cells less than 2%. It should not be due to the lack of complete medicine.

Hong Guodeng said that the Food and Drugs Administration continues to continue; Ensure that drug-related drugs are in a number of domestic medicine companies. When it finds that it contains NDEA and NDEA content, it must remove the shelves. At the same time, people who do not want to stop the drug, those who are in doubt should go back to the doctor as soon as possible to talk about the change of assessment.

The curator is open Shen Caiying is hard to accept her & her; Pharmacy: "What is available in foreign countries, we will prove what, why do we not do our own rules?" From the July newsletter, it's almost half a year to plan the whole system, but it is just a catchy that will gradually evolve the foreign countries.

Shen Caiying stated that the Food and Drug Administration should be recorded on the front, with NDEA, NDMA and other drugs. Home medicine companies can not be imported and used. If you do not eat, the risk of stopping the drug is higher for people with high blood pressure than continuing food, and also loses the reputation of domestic medicine companies.

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