"It's weird and dangerous that European democracy has been called"


In Patras, the old leader PASOK Evangelos Venizelos, who spoke at an event held in a fair hotel, gave his book "Democracy Between Conjuncture and History – Expectations and Statutory Amalgamation of the Constitution. »

Evangelos Venizelos mentioned a special mention of democracy, saying that it is "stormy, stunning and dangerous, in the year 2019, that is, in the 21st century, at the time of the Business Conversion Quarter, a great mass of democracy from the 20th century, the Liberal Democrats, to the west, a constitutional democracy that, from one point out, extends beyond the geographical boundaries of the western world, Europe and North America and to become a system of universal value, this democracy, which is a success, progress, growth, competitiveness and high quality of life, which is a question. "

He said: "There are many sources of questioning in European democracy" and explained: "The heart of the European Union, the narrowest economy of 28 to a few weeks, countries in which there is voluntary democracy; go back and innovate, which we now recognize as a scientific, authoritative or impracticable democracy, who work, democracy, voting, offer loyal to powerful leaders such as Mr Orban in Hungary, but there is a loop of humans and minorities, as well as being increasingly unlocked on independence and justice. "

In regard to the position of the European Union, he said that he "was involved, and acted out for a European divide, which threatened those countries with sanctions, but that event is there. "

Evangelos Venizelos raised the issue of immigration, saying that "the president of the United States imposes a very difficult immigration situation that no European country has expressed" and gave an example to Germany, who said, "opened the door and welcomed about one million refugees and migrants."

"This problem in Europe," continues, "is related to that, because European democracy is the fundamental information in European integration."

Indeed, as this point is stressed, "the European Union is and expects to live, about 60 years behind, because the people and the After World War II societies have a high level of scientific genre in which European integration can be built and this is a European democracy and a legal rule. "

But, as he said, "and this is in question, that is the value of the European Union, because societies are feeling guilty, commit crime and not They have not reinforced their place in European integration and does not protect all social forces. "

"This creates fear and insecurity, so there is a need for multiplication as it is not just financial crisis, financial crisis, crisis of the European banking system, but it is also a crisis of proven- national and European identity and uncertainty with the meaning of the word ".

Finally, the newspaper "Peloponnisos", "Patakis" and "The Circle of Ideas for the National Reconstruction" organized the event, and the book was given by the president of Patras law firm , Athanasios Zoupas and the writer Kostas Logaras.

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